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  1. Also @Tehbluebear needs core 4
  2. If anyone wants any goals to do with raids. For example, a completion, a seal, a weapon. Let me know in this post so we can keep track of who wants what. FG Raid Goals - Google Sheets DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Sheet1 X,Ajay,TehBluebear ,GazzaGarrat,Jordie,Kempy DSC,Completion Red...
  3. Venom

    DSC Raid

    I’ll be online if you need any help then.
  4. Venom

    DSC raid

    We can do void this run but of all trades is next week and the core four is the week after
  5. Venom

    Deep Stone Crypt

    We’re going to be late can we push back to nine
  6. Venom

    Last Wish

    I’m in
  7. until

    I can do any night this week if needed
  8. The thing on Friday has been confirmed to be part 2 of the puzzle hunt thing not a reveal yet.
  9. I’ve been running these raids over and over again recently so if you ever need another player I’m in.
  10. until

    Is it ok if we push the raid back till 5 45 or 6 dad has to go pick my sister up?

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