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  1. It was a really fun week. I can’t wait to play the games we got. We’re going to show off all our swag on the next vodcast. Good things are on the horizon for Dice to Pixels. We’re so excited
  2. I hope this is as good as my heart wants it to be.
  3. Thanks everyone! Getting some new ink after work today, so hoping it's a speedy day.
  4. If nothing else, watch it so you can watch me scramble in chat to provide links to all the stuff Chad and Adrian mention.
  5. I had to dump two books in a row, which was disappointing. But I finally found what I needed to read right now: Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey and The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski. Enjoying them both right now. One of my friends and I are planning on reading The Witcher books together, so we can have our own mini book club. I.e. we squawk at each other through text messages.
  6. Sir, one of the specializations for my current D&D character can literally make a magic cannon. Guns aren't D&D enough.... bah!
  8. Our characters would have lived, but we also would have been stuck with Mr. Fussy-No-Pants.
  9. I wish there was something like this for watercolour painting! I've bought a super cheap palette, but haven't done anything except swatch so far.
  10. Looks good so far! Looking forward to seeing your journey!
  11. They did have some really nice cases that were made in part with wood. Would have been nice to get one of those for if/when we ever decide to do our own build.
  12. The whole thing is so bizarre. It's such incredible short-term thinking and so self-serving. What if with this new pc the she would have been able to play games that require the type of system they can make and from that she develops a bigger following. If they're able to foster that type or relationship she could be like, "hey, these people helped me with they're awesome builds!" It would only look good on them to help a smaller streamer and not always be about those that regularly have several thousand viewers at a time. But no. Let's act like the douche bag Noah looks like.
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