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  1. I still have it N64, got it off a friend, but I definitely played it a shit ton on PC when it came out! Wishlisted Edit, I lied I have Turok 2. OG on the P-Cizzle.
  2. Bad ass! They have a bunch um. I wonder what the price is with my discount? http://www.lids.com/Shop/Star-Wars
  3. In the rain? I had a mountain bike as my mode of transportation while in College. I followed all the rules of the road etc... I only had 1 issue. I was stopped at a red light minding my business and woman on a road bike clipped me! I heard a yelp and caught her out of the corner of my eye as she hit me then the ground. I made sure I was okay, said "you dumb bitch", the light changed and I pushed off. I had a nice bruises on my left love handle and arm. As stated previous I'm a pudgy fuck she's not the first person to hit me at speed and end up bouncing off the ground.
  4. Yeah they announced it a while ago. Fuck UB. I'll wait until its $7-$4 or steal it.
  5. There are a ton of road bikers around here, I understand completely. They'll ride next to each other, one off in the shoulder one half in the lane dumb slow on a high speed road and back up traffic. What gets me is I encounter many on a local road that is scary. I almost died on this road, it's no joke, there is barely enough room for 2 cars to pass and people always drive in the middle of it so it's a wonderful idea to take the bike out and peddle around the 100% blind shale cliff wall hairpin turns that go up and down elevation changes. Intelligent. Wish I could mailbox baseball them.
  6. I’ve found not aiming is the best aim for headshots in HC; I’ve been getting a ton of headshots in HC while hip firing. I unlocked the get 2 headshots with 1 bullet 3 times background (I think thats what it is?) after a few hours of playing HC. I never would have got that in Core. It took me FOREVER to get the Headshot 2 enemies with 1 bullet in MW3.
  7. I get wrecked all the time by wall runners. I suck, that being said I've only found it to be useful on two maps, Nuketown because it's hectic and what I think is the best example Metro because a lot of people still don't know you can jump off your spawn behind the walls and swim or jump your way into theirs. EG:
  8. ^ This guy knows what he's talking about.
  9. Jelly! I've been to two. Awesome experiences; not in business any more... Beat the TMNT arcade game, Dragon's Lair and Operation Wolf with friends. All arcades around here are gone and none that are set up for no coin op. Sad.
  10. It's that quote. I just changed Clark to Viper. Good catch.
  11. Thats a great deal for all of that. The piece of mind knowing if you put that in you'll have a nice reliable vehicle and not have to worry about anything is worth it. Plus 400+ ponies to the wheels wont hurt! Procharger next Christmas
  12. That's what I did last year and got 144 pair of socks. Viper, that's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.
  13. Ha ha ha no problemo! *On a 2002 column by sportswriter Wallace Matthews: “[He] called me a ‘rapist’ and a ‘recluse.’ I’m not a recluse." The song wrote itself!

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