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    FG Germany FIFA 22 Cup

    This cup will be for FGers to pit their wits against each other with German teams! This is a 8 team tournament - if more interest we'll make the next one 16! Once all slots are filled, we'll do a random selector to give everyone a team from the Bundesliga and we'll comment in the Tournament Notes section which FGer has which team. The draw is automatically generated once all slots are filled so it really is pot luck in terms of the draw and the team you get! It will be one game, 1v1 for the usual duration of 15 mins per game. Please add extra time and penalties if you can before starting. Winner proceeds to the next round. Let's see how we get on with this tournament and we can then make more with other leagues and tweak rules as and when we think is necessary. All that's left to say is mention your name below and i'll help create a team for everyone for the first tourney as the system always needs 2 to start it (I can create teams and then leave them allowing you to be a single player team. Once you have your team, you just click 'Enter' with the same team in future tourneys! Job done! GGFG Folks!

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