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New tech made to look and feel retro...


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So there has been a rise in modern versions of retro consoles, thinking PS1 mini and the such, typically I don't buy these but one thing I did pick up recently was an xbox controller made to feel and look like the original Duke controller. It's bulky but there is just something about gaming on it (mostly used for Fallout 76 at the moment). Just wondering what tech you guy's have that's a modern take on a classic (I think I saw someone mention the 8bitdo controllers elsewhere?


The photo is of my modern duke controller, nice little novelty with this version is not only is it purple but it plays the opening scene from when you first meet Cortana in the original Halo game each time it starts up. (Please excuse the grubbiness my daughter tends to hold this one when she thinks she is gaming with me 😄 )


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1 hour ago, phil bottle said:

That's amazing 😁


Agreed. Never seen anything like this before! 😍


Hmmm, retro new tech isn't really in this house 😅 The only new part is the HDMI upscaler wire which isn't that flash to take a picture. I've been thinking about getting a refurbished Game Gear though as my one is completely internally shot capacitors wise. You can get the case in different colours on them and get a usb recharchable connection I believe which would definitely make it last longer.

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Yeah, so I mainly emulate and use 8BitDo controllers, but only those which gives the authentic look and feel.  I don't use these for any modern gaming, I have an Xbox One controller for that.




But there's still amazing devices which allow the use of original controllers on emulation.  Raphnet is such one.  It's the only device on the market which supports Memory Packs and Rumble Packs.

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