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Last Wish full or grinding for 1k !


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Just wondered how many people wanted to put the effort in to get 1000 Voices - a great weapon made all the better by Season of the Lost being very fusion rifle focused. 


The good news is I think the drop rate has been buffed substantially, but its still not a gimme. 


There's two ways of getting 1k, an efficient way and an inefficient way, but doing last wish is a lot of fun, so the inefficient way is still fun. 


Efficient way is just to run the boss cp (available by wish) 3 times per week, build up a stack of keys over a few weeks, and then do queens walk, and hope for the best (this is how I did it).

Least efficient way is do LW over and over again in full ! Which might be fun but will take a lot longer

Middle ground is  - do LW to boss, do 3 cp's, do queens walk once per week. Undoubtedly means someone will miss out ! 


I would suggest we find out how many people want to chase 1k, and preferred way of doing it, and a regular slot to get it done.  Personally I'd go for the middle ground, but I've got 1k ! 

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I'm not the person who cares about weapons in general lol. I'm here for the ha-ha's.


I'm good with doing it the "inefficient" way for the sake of becoming half-way decent in Last Wish. Because I've only done it like once or twice, so I don't really know what's going on.


Additionally, I think the usuals for the raid team will be good with doing LW full, getting the boss CP, then doing the CPs after the full run. Unless more people become more regular in raids? I think the middle ground makes the most sense.


@TurboR56Mini  wants 1k... and will probably be good with middle ground. I only sort of speak for him due to his absolute laziness with forums (and being stuck in meetings).

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I think if we look at both ways I think that would be ideal.


1) Multiple nights with The boss CP for people who still need 1K

2) Separate raid nights for people who either haven't experienced Last Wish, or really want to run it again as its a fantastic raid - i think these should be on weekends whenever we have the spare time to dedicate 2-3 hours.


I'm pretty sure theres still loads at FG that are like @MrSwainey101  and @Diddums that haven't done the raid at all and its an absolute travesty if we can't help this lot experience quite possibly one of the best raids they've ever made (doesn't mean it will be easy though!!).

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