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Let's see those big ol' collections


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I've been collecting action figures and geeky stuff for a long time now, so i thought it would be cool to share my collection with you peeps and to see what collections you all have 🙂

I'm a big DC comics fan so the majority of my collection is DC based. I've been collecting figuarts for years and used to have a big collection of them including Dragonball, Star Wars and Marvel, but now focus on the DC releases. I'm also getting the new McFarlane DC line and love what theyve done so far. 

As well as DC, i'm a massive Supernatural fan and have a shelf dedicated to it, and i've recently started to collect the NFL funko pops and want to get a couple of mini helmets soon.


Ok then everyone...SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!





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5 hours ago, GazzaGarratt said:

How have people missed this?! @Antpool84  that's an insane collection dude! I think the Deathstroke ones are some I never expected to see and look fantastic.

 @GazzaGarratt Thanks dude, its a few years worth of buying and selling lol. I'm well chuffed with how the Deathstroke display has turned out, theres still a few bits i need to get to add to it though 😂


4 hours ago, Macca89 said:

Love this lad! Some insane stuff, it's killing me that alot has been unboxed but water under the bridge 🤣😂


@Macca89  it's been a very rare occasion that i've kept anything in the box, but all the boxes are nicely kept together and safe in the loft 😁 Hows your collection looking?


2 hours ago, Plumbers Crack said:

I’d hate to have to dust that lot! 😂😂

@Plumbers Crack one advantage to the majority of it being in glass display cabinets is it doesnt get much dust on it 😂


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