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Looks good https://thumbs.gfycat.com/RipeThisAdouri-mobile.mp4

Looks like it works super well.   I just tend to seriously dislike first person POV. I can't see where I get stuck lol.


7 hours ago, Plumbers Crack said:



There are far too many times in FPS games where I don't know that 1) I'm running in a corner, 2) can't get out of a hole that might have something above me impeding me, 3) die from a mob of enemies because I didn't realize I could just like, jump up and left, and/or 4) utterly fail jumping puzzles because I can't gauge where I'm jumping (thank you swords for giving me Third Person POV, so I die less)


I mean, all in good fun... but I'm far too uncoordinated in real life to have it fully translate into the game world lol.

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On 2/23/2021 at 9:59 AM, phil bottle said:

I'm the opposite, prefer first person.


But many of the best survival games, like DayZ, give the option to switch between the two, so that would be a cool feature imo🙂


An option would be great. I mean, you can already zoom in and out very quickly using the mouse wheel and it goes into first person when you put yourself in a tight spot. On the main though with survival games, it works really well in 3rd person. First Person is for more intense games imo, and why I enjoy Destiny far more than the Division, which is probably still the best 3rd person game i've played.

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