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Nice little incentive just to be watching some affiliated Crytek streamers. Just link your Twitch account via the link below and start watching an affiliated streamer (most streamers at the top of the Hunt search on Twitch you can see have !drops enabled).



Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person PvP bounty hunting game with heavy PvE elements. Set in the darkest corners of the world, Hunt packs the thrill of survival games into a match-based format.


I've had it up for the past few days whilst working from home just in the background on a Tab. You don't have to actively watch it so its a great little incentive. Funnily enough though some of the plays that Psychoghost is great to watch for some fun runs. Just by having it up, here's the in game loot i've received so far:




Its still on until the 6th July so worth getting a device in the background somewhere open with it on. Let us know what you all got below! 


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Whilst I know I lucked out on getting the Legendary skin Billy Story many didn't.


Good news is they've reviewed their first Twitch drops run and offering extra rewards, Billy being one of them, depending on how many hours you watched.


Full details from Crytek below:


Hunt Twitch Drops Post Mortem 



Since the conclusion of the Twitch Drops campaign, many of you have been very vocal, and have given us a lot of feedback. We took the time to look into all the feedback you provided, and today we have some answers for you about how we will address it.


Our first Twitch Drops campaign has been a great learning experience for us, and we want to address the things that we could've done better:


- Legendary rewards were too hard to earn. You invested a lot of time, and we want to reward the time you invested in turn!


- Some users had issues linking their account. We received a large influx of tickets from users who had problems linking their accounts during the event. Due to the volume of tickets, we weren't able to get everyone connected before the event was over.


- Notifications for rewards earned didn't always show correctly. We will be correcting this technical issue for our next Twitch Drop


- The FAQ could have been clearer.

We want to make it up to you. So we've decided on the following compensation:


If you watched… You will receive…


≥ 1 hour 1 Legendary item or tool*


≥ 10 hours The above, plus an additional Legendary item or tool*


≥ 20 hours The above, plus 1 an additional Legendary item or tool*


≥ 30 hours The above, plus Legendary Hunter Billy Story**


Compensation will be distributed to all qualifying players with Update 1.4.2.


If, after we send out compensation, you are still missing any of the Twitch Drop Legendary skins -- or if you missed the event completely -- we can assure you that we will provide ways to earn all of them during our next Twitch Drops campaign!! We will share more exact information about the following event and how to earn rewards when we get closer to it.

- Hunt Team


*We will ensure that this will be something you do not already own. It will be selected randomly from the pool of things you do not already own.
**If you already own Billy Story, you will receive another Legendary item or tool from the Twitch Drop reward pool (that you do not already own). If you already have all of the Twitch Drop rewards, well, congratulations, you are officially a Hunt Twitch Drop Completionist.

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