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Got off a 9 hour shift today and was only planning a short and slow 5k but just in case I wanted to go a little thurther I got my hydration pack ready and a sis gel lucky I did but it wasn't the distance and that hurt but the heat as it was still 22 degrees I was a right sweaty mess. 


Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/hqmZ2Z1NGgb



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Running - unless I'm chasing after a ball - bores the crap out of me. As does walking. But I cycle pretty much everywhere. There's some chaps at work who are proper cycling enthusiasts, one of them

Phil, just get one with an engine and gearbox mate....you know you want to really!

There's another race i've entered the castle to castle in september which is from cardiff castle to caerphilly castle which is only 18.2km. Also around that time i have 2 half marathons and a 10k

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@slamminbones  - have you seen this?



Running, cycling, walking and any other distance activity an be fun and rewarding with The Conqueror Virtual Challenge Series. Sign up today and earn awesome medals!


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@RenFengge I have haven't entered any yet but will be at some point main reason I have a few half marathon races coming up which aren't a problem but I need to train so I can get a decent time but with the heat in the UK at the moment is a problem. 


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