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Football (Played with Feet)


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I'm happy enough with Southgate and think he deserves the world cup which to me is where he should be assessed, a lot of the recent results have not been great admittedly but you can see he is also looking ahead and if we disrupt it now we are back to square 1.


Being a Birmingham City fan at the moment has really been tough over recent years but it appears like we are on the verge of being sold and there is a lot of speculation as to who will end up owning us and with Bassini being the front runner, who is really behind / backing him. Suspicions are that it is David Sullivan at West Ham (as he is in the process of selling West Ham currently) which would be interesting as he left us previously and we found ourselves in a world of hurt. On the flip side our fans blame him for our current plight so it will take a lot for him to win them over.

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3 hours ago, J4MES OX4D said:

This is painfully hilarious



Brilliant! He couldn't care less, love how cringey this was. 😂

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