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  2. Xbox Series S may be a good springboard for people wanting to access the gamepass early on with a view of getting a PS5 in the future. If you have a PC then there is no point in getting either the S or X in which a PS5 is more viable. The S is a weaker console but it's much cheaper and probably only has 3 years to run which can easily accommodate the short-term games before it beings to strain. Definitely not worth getting both the PS5 and X as that's just wasting money especially in the first gen. I will get a PS5 down the line but first I want to see what their plans are with f
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  4. I have to admit that I'm now considering getting an XSX before a PS5. Game pass is just looking great and the Xbox All Access deal for £28.99 a month is pretty good value.
  5. I'm gonna probably get this package over Black Ops Cold War. I am a bit disappointed with the amount of stuff being taken out of the game but hopefully the new content will feel like an entirely new one.
  6. Brill, i'll send you a PSN invite and we just need to find a night where we can get back into it again. I'm sure @ChaosGladiator and @Nutcuttlit can work out when they're on next (even though I know you guys have been sucked into PUBG!)
  7. Bomberman was one of my favorite games back on SNES!!! We had one of those controller extension things where you could hook up 4 controllers. Me, my brother, cousin, and neighbor friend used to play tons of it!
  8. Nothing really to add, it was some great races last night. The race at Brands was always going to be eventful due to how easy it is to mess up and go off. Monza was .... interesting. I don’t think any of us was on the same strategy which mixed things up. I lost too much time at the start of the race but made it back with strategy. Just a shame Phil had penalties as we had a decent battle which without the penalties would have been for the win. There’s some quirks to GT’s handling which take me a lap or 2 to adjust to coming from other racing titles. I’m h
  9. Me's have one too 😄 I'm similar to Rich apart from maybe an odd weekend morning when the kids are sitting with us for family games. Mario Tennis Aces - Good but some annoying controls which make it not like the standard tennis game. Super Smash Bros - Super game. After I unlocked all the characters it got a little stale though. One to play with friends. Super Bomberman - We played this at @Diddums house I recall! Super harder than expected tbh! Another just to play with friends. MarioKart 8 - No more words. You know this is a must have on a Switch Zelda BOTW -
  10. I've got a Switch but I rarely play it. My kids use it a lot more. My son plays Fortnite on it A LOT. I really enjoy Mario Kart but other than that... not much reason to play it.
  11. Code was actually waiting for me on the website, now added to Steam and waiting for launch 🙂
  12. I was honestly shocked by how far off the pace I was in both races. I usually pick up racing games very easily but I think I'll need a lot of practice before the next round! Side note, I think we should have a championship /table over say 6 months?
  13. There was also a small rumour that went off the radar back in May about Microsoft using their name to sell the new Xbox in Japan - therefore calling it the Sega Series X. Its got a better ring to it for sure! 😁
  14. The CEO has come out to say they ain't finished yet and there is tons of speculation about who is next. As the good old internet does what they do best, there is loads of connections to Sega in recent weeks too. I've pulled some pics from the tinternet to help your thoughts. If its not Sega, then theres always a chance of Capcom or Konami. Definitely feels like its more Sega though. Thoughts?
  15. I bought mine from Humble store so I'm due an email with the Steam code. Really looking forward to this🤗
  16. Agreed GGFG! Next time I will stay off the beer as my form definitely declined the less I could see/move my hands properly. Can't wait for the next games!
  17. Welcome to FG, Jamie 😄 I can see you already had the delightful greeting by @Diddums already! As @Shucker and @tronic44 have said prior to my post, this place is really unique and a one of a kind gaming family. We'd love to get involved and stick around, one extra thing of note though... ...if you know how it works, its always nice to say hi and get involved in places before you want us to watch your stuff. I'm sure they are fantastic btw, but there's people hear that watch videos, follow streamers and even buy games purely because they value the opinions of other F
  18. It was role reversal of fortunes on Monday Night Football for FGFC, whilst we had a biggest turn out of the season so far with 7 of us playing for most of the night. Usually we get off to a poor start for about 5 games which wasn't the case at all as we shot out of the blocks with goals. Big bad Baz, Barry Ferguson @Glen11 changed his player up to be a massive target man alongside Forlan and boy it turned into a masterstoke as his nimble quick feet and 3 star weak left foot were banging the goals in 🤣😎 The spin and volley goal was unreal. Winning the first game 5-3, secured promot
  19. I thought last night's session and races were fantastic! Brands Hatch was the first race with @phil bottle @Greboth @Mikepjbell and myself - qualifying went better than the race for sure! The race started well with Mike and myself keeping Greebs at bay - or so we thought - as he was clearly waiting for us to make mistakes to power on through. Mike tried to make his tyres last longer than mine but we both found out the hard way we end up in the Gravel too much for our liking and with me pitting a few laps before him, his lap times just faded very quickly. I didn't manage the tyres
  20. Couple of good races last night, though I was a bit sloppy around Monza with my 11 seconds of penalties. With @JBR-Kiwi also being very quick, @GazzaGarrattgetting closer all the time, @Mikepjbell great first showing, and @Grebothonly slightly more vulnerable using a controller... looks like we're going to have some epic racing ahead 🙂👍
  21. Thanks for getting me in last night lads, apologies that I could only get one race in. Was a good race at Monza tho. Sorry to @GazzaGarrattfor giving you a tiny push at the start mate. Was gutted that I ended up spinning twice at the same spot which cost me a chance at victory. 😭
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