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  2. Some ace numbers there @Macca89 @LordBaguette . Tom, your top 5 makes me think of how I wish Overwatch remained as relevant as it used to for us for literally years. 😭
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  4. This is one of the games I'm most looking forward to this year. The first was excellent.
  5. I was reading the posts and I remember now. I was playing Jurassic Park on the good ole Genesis/Mega Drive. A neighbor friend said, hey why don't you try entering NYUKNYUK in the password screen. NYUKNYUK are you kidding me? That doesn't look like a legit password. The next hour that day I finished the game haha.
  6. Ahhh you're right, I forgot about Rare. This makes sense and it's probably what the license thing was about. Frankly, I'm very happy with this. I love the Switch don't get me wrong, but if a game I like is going to come out on a technologically better console, I would get it there. MS seems to be on a roll lately so I don't see this being forgotten just like that (I hope).
  7. Hey thanks a lot for seeing it that way. 🙂 I haven't tried Astros and but I'll take that as a recommendation for the A10. To be honest, whenever I jump into headset discussions, it's impossible NOT to see Astro being recommended.
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  9. I absolutely loved that in the first one. When it got to night and you had to literally just run your ass off to get to a safe place it got so intense!! I have to admit I can't wait for this to come out 😀😀
  10. I will probably try UFC and Dragon Keep, but not particularly excited for any of them really
  11. Didn't know where to put this, so I'll drop it in here...listen out for the video games reference and it's not FIFA BTW this is a really interesting channel
  12. @LordBaguette i need to get me Ghost of Tsushima at some point lol
    Haha I was walking round with the map on so I missed it 😂😂 when phil says "oh my god" 😂😂
  13. Well in a time of uninspired re-boots and comic/ superhero cash grabs it's hard to find good well made new films, I've just watched nobody and after a slow start it goes off. Some excellent fight scenes and some great camera work loved it. Also what a totally different character Bob Odenkirk plays after recently watching better call saul.
  14. I got a whopping 35 hours but I swear it's wrong as I played Bloodborne for 30 and Dark Souls on PS5 for 15 along with some hours on FIFA 22 and the Matrix game.
  15. Jesus I need to get my trophy level up! 31 games though which I'm impressed with! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I'm literally dying watching this 🤣🤣🤣 @phil bottle voice in shock by how many miss his body! 🤣🤣
  16. @slamminbones i habe to agree with @GazzaGarratt, your trophy count is mental!!!!! And @GazzaGarratt that is some serious hours dude!
  17. Good share @Antpool84 ! Its abit amazing when you look back and see how many hours you end up playing just one game....and then rest 😅. @slamminbones , those trophies are literally insane! Here's mine. I wish I could get my PC stats too!
  18. Under the radar game (again) and after re-reading this thread, i'll admit i'm hyped but keeping it very under wraps. The thrill of the night time mixed with Parkour was something to behold.
  19. I'm not apologising to enjoy this upbeat dance track 😄 But if you want an oldie but goldie track, then here you go 😄
  20. @Middle Class Caveman @Rumelylady I know you both have some experience in heavy lifting that may be able to help La?
  21. Battlefield 3 - still holds up beautifully
  22. Such a pity they are on the verge of liquidation. Been following this loosely last few days and I didn't realise how serious it was. If they don't survive the league then I hope they survive as a club and I'm sure they will bounce back. It would be incredible of them if they stayed up and the amount of big teams they've beaten this year is insane. Shite ownership once again destroying a club.
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