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  3. I had to open the quest thingy and track the quest, because apparently just clicking on the big button that says "DLC THAT YOU PAID FOR LOL" isn't the correct way to play the DLC that you paid for. So in reality it's Bungie being Bungie, helped with a very strong dose of Diddums being Diddums. I should go work at Bungie, we can create a singularity and take over the world. Create an evil villain and call him IncompetenceManβ„’
  4. I bet he hasn't got time to explain.... 🀣
  5. So, after 18 months of no wipes, looks like the next patch means back to square one. I'll lose all my money plus my only recently acquired dragonfly 😬 But that was going to happen at some point and the reasons for it are pretty good.
  6. Another old footballer leaves this mortal coil. Jimmy, probably the best striker this country has ever produced, would literally walk the ball into the back of the net. Another genius who had too close a relationship with alcohol meaning a shorter career than it should have been. RIP sir πŸ‘
  7. Let's be real. This conclusion had something of the inevitable about it from the very first post πŸ˜…
  8. I'm sorry but I think it's best if @Diddums explains the complexities of how we resolved this issue (within one minute). 😁
  9. So what was the issue in the end?
  10. I watched some beta gameplay videos over the weekend and it seems the majority of streamers and content creators aren't impressed at all. Even the paid Activision actors are having a tough time lying to their viewer base and trying to convince them. From the brief time I played and what I saw watching others, the amount of times you get shot in the back and the side is insane. The audio is exceptionally weak and the really simple animations are embarrassing. One of the videos I saw did a basic comparison with MW2019 and it just puts into perspective how much work went into that compared to this especially regarding gun and character animations along with general environmental effects and presentation. Vanguard feels like one of those cheap asset flip rip-off in comparison and it's crazy they are passing this off as a full price next gen COD experience. I can't see how anyone playing this would have fun with its lackluster quality and wayward meta.
  11. I may have helped @Diddums fix this πŸ˜„ You can now start saving for the next updates...and start playing Beyond Light and this season, you pellett.
  12. Silly me. Didn't know what time @TurboR56Mini was leaving for a week long business trip. He's not going to be here, and I'm going to be stuck downstairs. So, no go for either of us. Enjoy the new server! I'll be around. Just not on my PC.
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  14. This Parkrun is a little hilly but still a decent time. It's my 2nd Parkrun which is quite shocking due to how long I've been running but once you get to 50 you get a t-shirt so something to work towards but parkruns are only on a Saturday. Their timings are off a little compared to mine.
  15. Hi all - bit of a random one thought I'd share incase people didn't know and wanted to save some cash on their next takeaway. New promotion below you get free deliveroo plus if you have amazon prime for a year - basically delivery is free for a year Deliveroo Plus DELIVEROO.CO.UK Deliveroo Plus is our subscription membership plan – you pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited free delivery. It's a simple, easy way to get the most out of Deliveroo. Members benefit from exclusive restaurant...
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  17. Yet another "happy place in Steve-topia" pretty much finished the gun room is about done. Only ones not on the new wall I built are a new tactical 12g which I'll be picking up from my FFL Mon/Tues & the home defense one which stays next to the bed. Everything is not only nicer looking in the new area, but nice and secure behind steel dead bolted doors, blocked off window, and also have a bunch of trigger locks on the way so that the only gun usable without being unlocked will be the home defense 12g I keep with me. I dunno if I'm an introvert whom hardly leaves home because Steve-topia is such a cool place....or if Steve-topia is such a cool place because I'm an introvert whom hardly leaves home. I dunno, chicken or egg I guess. Introverts unite!....alone, in your own home, away from me 😁
  18. Yeah, it's pretty amazing really but it just goes to show their remarkable reputation and how big they are. Not having the online presence means they don't have to directly answer any criticisms and it hasn't hampered them from a marketing standpoint either. They can essentially do what they want, when they want and how. The community doesn't provide feedback, they don't listen to it and we just take what is given. People deep down know we'll get GTA 6 in three or so years so anything in between we have to like it or lump it. They wont care and Rockstar will always come away unscathed. Other AAA companies that take such a backseat wouldn't be so lucky but Rockstar just have this invincibility about them and if they can get away with lazy stuff like this next gen upgrade, they'd get away with anything.
  19. Oh yes! Nice find @Antpool84 . As it says, they won't recreate what they had, I think just taking the name alone will just create a bit of buzz to entice viewers in. Its crazy to think we've waited this long for a show like this on more mainstream TV when the video game industry is one of the biggest in the world. I can see it being filled with snippets of news, game tips and moments like what TikTok gives you these days. I'd totally go for that. He was utterly bonkers.
  20. Well it helps that they're 3d models and not drawings πŸ˜› I've certainly done drawings similar to this, I think I posted a couple when I started this thread. But God no, I wouldn't want to do that 7 drawings of the same car to that level of detail!
  21. What I don't understand is how they get away with it. I think its down to their lack of social presence as every other game that does, has to find a way to acknowledge improvements and follow through with them. It just would be nice to know why they'll never overhaul the party system and how to find specific multiplayer games. Cumbersome is putting it lightly.
  22. I think if we look at both ways I think that would be ideal. 1) Multiple nights with The boss CP for people who still need 1K 2) Separate raid nights for people who either haven't experienced Last Wish, or really want to run it again as its a fantastic raid - i think these should be on weekends whenever we have the spare time to dedicate 2-3 hours. I'm pretty sure theres still loads at FG that are like @MrSwainey101 and @Diddums that haven't done the raid at all and its an absolute travesty if we can't help this lot experience quite possibly one of the best raids they've ever made (doesn't mean it will be easy though!!).
  23. Been watching a number of movies lately. Finally got Amazon Prime so got the movie ch they have so been watching a lot of movies at night when I have nothing to do before bed now. Big Legend - This one s about a 90 min movie about a guy & his GF that go camping and run into Bigfoot. It actually was a pretty good movie. If you get a chance give it a watch I think you'll be plesantly surprised at the drama/suspense. One of the more well done monster movies I have seen in a while. Man vs. - This one has a twist I was not expecting. Won't say what it was, but basically it's a guy with a TV show (think Bear vs Wild) who gets dropped off in the deep woods of BC and ends up running into something that starts messing with him in the woods. And no, it was not Bigfoot πŸ™‚ Force of Nature - Had Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch in it so I expected it to be pretty decent because they are both great actors. The reviews for the movie were really low, but that usually doesn't mean a whole lot IMO. It was not all that good. No where near as bad as the reviews said, but with two actors like Gibson & Hirsch it could have been much better. Wasn't totally their fault though, writing seemed like it could have been a lot better as well. 24hrs to live- Ethan Hawke was pretty decent in this one. Story was a bit far fetched, but action and shootouts were pretty well done. Pretty much one of those movies you'd flip on while having nothing else to do and watch but not make it a point to go out of your way to see it.
  24. They were hoping you'd say that, because now its impressive. 😎 @Greboth, utter ridonkulous drawings mate. Love the one over the shoulder of the car door, so realistic its a little unnerving πŸ˜…
  25. It has been an age for an FG Friday and whilst its still relatively late popping it in, I know we can all gather ourselves for some laughs and utter nonsense on the game that was made for FG 😎 RSVP please!!!
  26. I was like you in terms of not caring either way. At least the good thing on Valheim is that it doesn't feel like you have missed any time like on 7 Days, as there isn't as much importance put on skills acquired and learned. You can build and create whatever an experienced player has pretty much so both servers should actually be fun in exploring and checking out. Although atm I can't get the existing server to run! Rachel @tronic44 needs to stop working in like forever so he can have some fun (and help out fix stuffs πŸ˜„)
  27. I'm only buying if we get enough of us to buy it together and that doesn't look like that's happening. Warzone is still relevant and I already have that so sticking for that until we see the full launch and Didds whinge some more πŸ˜„
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