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  1. Yesterday
  2. Weather effects in this game are beautiful
  3. Damn, Chelsea clawed it back to 3-3 - was inevitable and although the points were shared in a game of two halves; both will be fairly pissed off after all that. WBA threw it away amen Chelsea still dropped 2 points.
  4. The determination and stubborness of you trying to get out of a 17 mile deep hole was courageous (and bonkers) @Greboth. Couldn't believe you made it out before the end of the night. Good horde night on Friday. Shit tons of Zombies like last one but we were more on top of it this time. Nearly like a well-oiled machine. I only fell off once. Thank you Anna @craftofboredom for saving my bacon 🥓. I now have max Bartering skills with all the traders so can see their best loot they offer. Finally got to see Solar Banks and Solar Cells...but we might need more money to get the cells as
  5. I don't what to say to this other than...why Wrexham?? 😬 They look like utter dog food. Man Utd we're nearly just as bad but they ground out a wacky result with that penalty after full time 🤣 I'm loving this season so far. Its very VERY difficult not to get carried away with Blackburn so far. Its not just the fact we've battered Wycombe 5-0 and then 4-0 away at Derby (sorry Tom @LordBaguette ), its the performances that are reminding me very much of how we were in yesteryears Premiership. We could have won 10-0 today and it was all without our star Righ
  6. Looks very Elder Scrolls Oblivion-esque doesn't it @J4MES OX4D ? Not sure where i'd find the time to play something like this!
  7. Chelsea spent over £200m but are 3-0 down to West Brom in the first half hour😂
  8. I read it in a book but I think all perks you get from books can be unlocked with points. The books just unlock stuff earlier than you might with points. I don’t know what perk it is but it isn’t something I thought of before. It’s worth looking in to though as it may mean you could get it without needing to find a book. Horde night for me was interesting 🤣 I took the gyrocopter to uncover some of the map and see if I could find a desert. I got distracted by some huge mountains and one that looked like a stereotypical kids drawing of a volcano with a massive caldera. Which I
  9. Last week
  10. Destiny 2 will also require a full re-download when the new content is released.
  11. Is 7DTD cross play yet? could always pick it up again on the ps4 if it is.
  12. I’ve treated myself to a pump action shottie from the trader as well...might see if I can get a light for the barrel as well later on
  13. Were on day 41 almost so horde night is upon us. We're looking good on ammo and still making more. Looking forward to playing with lots of people tonight. Should be on around 7pm ish. 🙂
  14. What perk is it? I'll need to pick some too and I do love a good knob.
  15. Haha yup, it’s why I’ve been loving the quests recently. Knock all the doors down, start the quest and reset the house and knock them all down again. I think my record so far is 22 door knobs from one house so far. Hopefully we can find another one or 2 of the same books as it would be so useful if more people could do similar.
  16. We are so going to want that perk especially during end game when it's harder to come by brass! Nice one. You're the door destroyer. 😂
  17. @Diddums, there's just enough blunderbuss for you. 😬 And also some double pump action for @phil bottle 😎
  18. I'll bring chairs. Touch my chairs motherfucker, I dare you. I motherfucking double dare you. Touch 'em. Touch my fucking chairs.
  19. We have (or least had) about 10 blunderbuss’ which you’d know if you had been on 😉 Also there have been chairs but someone keeps taking them down 😞
  20. Also, WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE CHAIRS? You people disgust me. This must be rectified, I'll be on tonight.
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