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  2. Crazy to see the potential in Chelsea's season falling apart. Their record under Tuchel was very impressive, up to 4th place, FA Cup Final and Champions League Final. Now they've lost the FA Cup, could blow the top 4, lose the Champions League Final and be playing in the Europa League next year. They have Leicester again Tuesday and LIverpool are beginning to hit form. The pressure in suddenly immense and will be a huge factor in the CL final plus the last couple of games has seen them really come unstuck particularly in attack.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I wasn't a fan of Leicester winning the league a few years ago, surprise surprise, but I was genuinely happy to seethem beat cheatski in the cup. When the equaliser went in, I was gutted for them, and then when it was disallowed, well sometimes VAR is a force for good 😂
  5. 5/15/2021 Workout Squat Clean Workshop Thoughts: What was supposed to only be about a week of rest starting on 5/5, ended up being 2 weeks of rest starting on 5/3. I had a super minor procedure scheduled for 5/6 that was supposed to take 10 minutes and only have like 2 days of down time. It became a 45-minute more invasive procedure with a full week of rest/not allowed to do anything per doctor's orders... and because Carl grounded me. Anyway. Today was my first day back. Some weightlifting is a good way to get back into it. Nothing intense. No expectat
  6. Thats a great review @Riff Machine , im really looking forward to playing it myself. How was it for scares and creepy moments compared to the previous games?
  7. Thats a great review @Riff Machine , im really looking forward to playing it myself. How was it for scares and creepy moments compared to the previous games?
  8. Well done to Leicester! I didn't even know the FA Cup Final was today until this afternood🤣 Wasn't a great game but there were some huge moments from the wonder goal, the wonder save and then the dramatic VAR decision towards the end. Great to see the fans back in numbers too!
  9. Last week
  10. This was always a cash grab/swan song for BioWare. But, i"m still gonna play it for the memories. Also, when I originally played it, there were some bugs that drove me a bit... ehh.. So, it would be nice to see a clean playthrough.
  11. It took the merchant and upgradable weapons and utilized it well. The gameplay is completely different. I feel the movement and pacing of the 3rd person perspective wouldn’t mesh well with a 1st person view. Plus, 4 was a game for its time that revolutionized a lot of gaming cliches used now. The camera is never a problem in this. Just be cautious about your environment so you’re not backing into a corner.
  12. I actually really like how Resident Evil has evolved over the years going from T-Virus, different kind of virus, parasite, mold/ spores. It keeps everything interesting. The only problem I find with the RE games of the last decade is they just can't close it out. The story starts off so solid and then... meh.
  13. RenFengge


    Love the idea of swapping Thursday to IB stuff.. and other activities. It was always slightly enjoyable to me when we would run a full team. With this team, it should be hilarious and a great time.
  14. Baabcat


    Good job getting the newly harder and less rewarding DSC raid done under serious time pressure ! Sorry we had to go early @Kemp210 and you missed out , was up against a server maintenance deadline !! Not sure about whether to run it again til we know for sure EoT is actually dropping , let me know who wants to do that. Next week is iron banner , maybe Thursday night FG-iron banner for pinnacles?
  15. From the footage I've seen I tend to agree. Not very impressed at all. It appears to be a bit of a cash grab but I suppose it's decent enough for anyone who has never played.
  16. Great read Chad @Riff Machine . Do you think it took the right elements from RE4 or could it have taken more? I'm also interested in how you found the camera angles as opposed to RE4 and whether it took away from the feel of the game at all?
  17. I finished the story yesterday and here’s some of my take aways. I won’t spoil anything. Graphically, damn. Looks great. Sound for the most part is good. I was confused with the voice acting choices though. I get that the main character sound American (and a total wimp) but if the game is based in Europe, shouldn’t the voices of the enemies reflect that? Gameplay is ok. I found the movement to be really slow and clunky even after getting the upgrade that improves movement. Gunplay was fine most times but felt really snappy. I haven’t touched the extra
  18. I really like the red one, definitely going to invest in one of those in the future, always handy to have a second controller 😁
  19. FOV looks a bit nasty so I hope you can change that plus I don't like how ME1 has the Andromeda UI. Hopefully the gameplay will stand the test of time but the story will definitely hold up. They probably could've done more with these remasters especially with what's been achieved on PC with mods but I guess they don't detract too much from the originals at least. I can't see myself paying £55 for this - maybe if they were £14.99 individually then I'd grab the first two but even with a game drought right now, I wont be getting this.
  20. Well at least Sony got our memo that the FG colours are the way to go 😎 Getting a black controller with my pure white console gives me OCD anxiety, however the red one I could dip for if a controller breaks in the future.
  21. Yes lads ! Yes ! I still play BF4. It is so so good and was criminally underrated. Who needs CoD when you can have these all out wars. Even though i will still be on PS4 cannot wait to see what is coming
  22. So I've heard that it was being teased for June which is really good news that we're hopefully not far away. We've now had confirmation through one of their sales calls that whilst BF6 is being created specifically for next-gen in mind, it IS getting a PS4/XBox1 version as well. So thats great news and a big banana skin avoided.
  23. So, I didn't get chance to play this as it past me by when I was younger. Owl always raved about it and I ended up buying one of the later series just for the MP. I probably should shift more time to play SP games cos of the story in this one. I'm worried about how much the controls and gameplay are outdated though so would be good to know if they've revamped them in any way for this edition.
  24. RenFengge


    sandwiches are nothing to joke about lol.
  25. Bluebear


    @RenFenggeThat was a joke 🤣
  26. I present to the FG Server... the Wolf Sanctuary... where I am building a wall around this Meadows section... and letting all the wolves eat as soon as the 1 star deer and boar spawn from the sky into their mouths. For sale, we have deer hides, leather, and some wolf pelts from heroic wolves giving their lives to the pack to protect it from Surtlings, Trolls, Skeletons, and some wayward Fulings. Although, a few wolves decided to test their might against a hoard of Lox... For those looking for shiny things to adorn themselves and friends, we have Black Metal bars in addi
  27. Yeah I heard stasis in the crucible had got worse as the hunters had a buff !! I get what you say about the grind and do agree it makes it easier for the more casual player to an extent, but ..... I’m guessing GMs will need 1335 though , so that’s a lot of levelling needed into the artefact and limited ways to improve your base power. That’s another reason why the DSC non-pinnacle decision is so bad, such a fun raid , relatively easy, nice source of pinnacles for most people. I suspect VoG won’t be so straightforward. The power grind without DSC is going to be pretty tough so I’m h
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