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Weekly VoG !1 All welcome


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@TurboR56Mini  and I will be a "maybe"... thus a backup.


We are prepping for our upcoming vacation before the world shuts down again lol. So, the pup has to go upstate on Wednesday. May or may not be back in time.

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1 hour ago, Baabcat said:

Can probably  run it on Thursday as well  if it helps


No worries. You've got 5 so far.. we'll find a 6th for that spot.


@TurboR56Mini  and I will be away from the 5th until the 12th. Happy raiding!

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2 hours ago, Baabcat said:


Even Johnny needs to press the 'going' button !


Nah don't be silly Bob, I'm not even remotely close enough to do it yet, I was just really lucky last time! Maybe next time, when I've grinded a bit more.

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