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  • Looking Back to Giving Something Back - 2019 Review and 2020 Look Ahead
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    Looking Back


    Don’t blink too fast or it’s gone. Oh, sorry. Already has. Well, that’s how I felt anyway. And from the sounds of it most of you all did too.


    See, what you're meant to do when you have a mid-life crisis is buy a fast car, aren't you? Well, I've always had fast cars. It's not that. It's the fear that you're past your best. It's the fear that the stuff you've done in the past is your best work.

    - Robbie Coltrane.


    Due to our average age currently at 36 and the many personal IRL things that have happened to many of our family this year I’m not surprised to say that games this year didn’t bring the best out in us. More so reminded us of a time that we thought we were invincible playing MW2 or even early parts of Destiny 1 in the newer era smashing raids out of the park. So you have to keep moving. Let’s face it, I’m friends with every single one of you for your company, great banter and the odd occasion where golden MLGpro360noscopeskillz come out, so I can say ‘I was there’. That’s been difficult for even me this year. Motivation when things are quiet are always hard and even more so when you gather energy to go again, only to bumped back by a personal loss. But we all hold each other up, like the absolute Champions that you are. And amidst all the anguish and despair some encountered, we’ve still created lots of stuff to do, fun and ‘Feel Good’ moments for as many as we could last year. In facts we had:


    9,452 posts posted
    802 topics created
    30+ Videos made by you and uploaded
    5 Quizzes you’ve got involved in
    40 Events created and attended
    2 Crispy Controllers fixed
    External Hard Drives, Multiple PS4 Games, PC Game Codes, Annual DLC Passes and 1 very shiny state of the art PC from the Forever Gaming Feel Good Fund (FGFGF)
    1 very big FG Meet Up


    If I didn’t mention two things in more detail before we move on, that wouldn’t be quite right. The first was how everyone rallied around for our favourite part of the furniture, PlumberDave. Being able to chip in together, buy the parts we could and have an amazing trip to Ipswich to surprise our awesome friend was a moment to treasure (last time amazing and Ipswich go together though, sorry Dave). And finally for 2019, there was the first ever Huge FG Meet Up organised, in a remote location in Hereford. To have over 20 people come from all over the UK and even other countries too was truly incredible. We don’t take enough time to look back at these wonderful moments, so please do this more often. I don’t think anyone couldn’t get an amazing boost from the memories made on that weekend. If you didn’t make it…let’s hope and work out ways you can get on to the next one. Make it happen.

    Giving Something Back To Gamers


    As the last decade departs, I’m such a big believer and getting off your arse and doing better than last time. There’s some amazing facts shared above and you were incredible in 2018 too, actually even more so which can remind you that we are capable of so much more than what we do today.


    If you're not reaching back to help anyone then you're not building a legacy.

    - Germany Kent


    We’ve had for a while an identity crisis, not dis-similar to some games out there ironically. This ‘thing’ that we/you do here is a pretty cool gig if you ask me. So if someone asked me to put ourselves out there even more, I say yes. Yes we should. We must. Forever Gaming is you. And all of you deserve to leave a Legacy. Something to be proud of.


    ‘Giving Something Back To Gamers’ is what we do best. We’ve helped so many people that we must continue to help as many more as we possibly can and spread what FG is all about. The Feel Good Fund couldn’t do as much as we wanted too last year and that’s okay. We have to find different ways to raise funds and ask people to help others. At the same token, I want to gain more support. This does mean more funding because I don't want us to be in a position to not things like Xmas Giveaway (because we didn't raise anything) but also there are many other ways to support. Creating events is helping as much as putting a fiver in to help someone out. Creating spaces for gamers to get together is something we should do more of and join in. We’re not scary, well not much anyway, and you guys can teach a whole load of people about some new skills to learn or hidden items to find. We need to create new videos to show this. Things that anyone can be a part of.


    The base of games out there on consoles and PC I feel is in a decent state right now. Some really solid titles since September and some long-standing ones mean we can do a whole lot more this year than before. So we have this place and I want to utilise more of it. I want you all to utilise more of it - but I need all your help. If theres something you think you can help out with, shout up. If you don't really know what but you are still really keen to get involved in any way SHOUT UP.


    Let's make:


    More Posts

    More Articles

    More Videos

    More Quizzes

    More Events

    More Giveaways

    More Feel Good Moments

    More Streaming

    More Helping


    Let's start Giving Something Back at FG.




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