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Age of Mythology: Retold


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This was announced a couple of months back but it really slipped my notice

Nothing much on it so far but it would indicate a remaster/reboot of sorts. Don't think it'll fall in-line with the Definitive Editions like we saw with AOE as that's too close to the Extended Edition that already exists. The EE is about 9 years old now and whilst not on par with the newer DE's, it still a solid updated version of the original with higher/multi resolution support, HD visuals and other QoL improvements. I therefor cannot see Retold being a Definitive Edition and instead being more of a remake. It'll also be interesting to see if they opt for an older engine which the developer (Worlds Edge) is familiar with or if they use a modern one like Relic used for Age of Empires 4. I'd actually prefer something closer to the original than What AOE4 had visually and mechanically. 


I've actually been revisiting Mythology in the last few days and it still holds up superbly. I'm more of an AOE2 player but this feels instantly familiar right off the bat. Actually surprised I didn't play more of it back in the day but I think I was burnt out of the series and RTS's in general and still by the time Age of Empires 3 released. Great to go back to it though and it's held up superbly still! 


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I used to play Age Of Mythology online years ago. 

Back originally in 2004, but I played it on and off for years. 


Absolutely fantastic game.

Because of the mythological side and the god powers, there are so many cool strategies available. 


I was pretty good at it in the early 2000's. 

Managed to reach the top 20 of the world leaderboards a few times. 

Was rank 4 at one point in 1v1.

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I have been a big fan of the age of empires series over the years, even when they re-released the second game more recently I used to play many hours in modded scenarios and such. Quite looking forward to this as it was a positive change of direction for the series (that for some reason they never went on to pursue really).




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