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RIP My sweet prince

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Ladies and gentleman it is with a very heavy heart that I bring you this awfully sad and tragic news. Following a fairly extensive investigation, it has been decided that the unofficial FG Mascot will be put to sleep for all eternity. This was the trusty steed for a few FGers, most notable @phil bottle, @tronic44 and @fg_cal


You served us well FagWagon. may you RIP in Peace in the heaven for used up automotive treasures.




PS: VW Crafter for sale. Pink wrap. Needs new turbo. Every panel is fucked, 60k miles. FSH. Make me a offer I can't refuse. 

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Oh noes, how come? May it forever live in our memories ❤️


It's a shame i'm not rich as fuck because i'd buy it and put an FG logo on the side.

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