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FGFGF Xmas Giveaway 2019

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Its that time again everybody. The time where we do our best to raise as much as we can so we can give out some awesome goodies to the people of FG.


I actually think we won't raise as much this year, as I know everyone has been far too kind and generous with other things we've done so there won't be any pressure to give, like always. Obviously, it may be a smaller pool of items we can do but as I've kept up with most people's lives this year I don't think that's a bad thing sometimes.


I'd like to do something slightly different this year which is we will gift out games such as CoD MW, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, Sea of Thieves and many other things to people we can see that would benefit. Alongside that if we actually get enough, we'll do a few vouchers too that will be raffled out so you can buy whatever you like if you get lucky.


I'm going to put this out there for a few weeks and hopefully by the first week in December we can start working out what things we're able to give you lovely people.



If you have any suggestions for us to go and buy and raffle out, please shout below!



You can use the donate button on the homepage which is the easiest way via PayPal. If you are donating a larger amount then I suggest you open up PayPal directly as via the donate button PayPal take 5%. The email address is forevergaming.co.uk@gmail.com.


Doing things like this is why this place is clearly the best (no bias there whatsoever). You guys and girls do phenomenal things for everyone and its amazing we can all help each other like the one big family that we are.


If you want inspiration, you only to look at what we did in the first few years of starting this.





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