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Role Queue - Huge Overhaul to Overwatch

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Pretty significant changes.


You will now be asked to pick the role you want to play before heading into a quickplay or a competitive game. Tank, DPS or Support. Once you find your game, you will be only allowed to choose a Hero out of the role you've pre-selected.


They want to push the 2-2-2 format as they want the change in the meta which is already being seen in playtests and the fact that some heroes will be getting some substantial changes.


I need to rewatch this one as its 16 minutes long but they probably needed a shake up to the game to keep it fresh...i'm just not sure forcing every team to be 2-2-2 is the way to go.


At least they'll be 3 rankings you'll have now so if you end up having an awful score on one, you have 2 more chances to get your rank higher on the other 2 😄


What do you guys reckon? Good change or will it not be worth the effort?

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