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Gaming YouTuber Found Dead

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Very sad news 


The gamer, who went missing last week, had uploaded a video describing suicidal thoughts.



Didn't watch the guy but I saw a sad thing about him a couple of months back and he was clearly in a bad way. Surprised he wasn't hospitalised for a considerable amount of time because he came out still in a poor mental state. Seemed a likable and talented person. 

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Such a shame, people are thrusted into the limelight to easily now a days and there's not enough support for them. There's been a lot of this in reality shows recently like Love Island. Even though i can't stand those sorts of show, if you're going to put them on tv and give people this fame, you have to help them because not everyone is strong menatly.


The fact he'd uploaded a video talking about this and still nothing was done show the state of this world at the moment.

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Never nice to read and hear about this stuff.


What I take from it, is more of what I can do and all of us.


It's why I'm grateful for this place being around and seeing/hearing you ugly folk every so often.


You really sometimes don't know what's going on if you dont ask or show support to your close friends.


I'd hope if anyone here was anywhere near that, I'd want them to know they've got a family of hundreds here backing the shit out of them to pull through 👊


We all get moments of need even if you don't realise it. Shame a group like us wasnt around for a nice guy like this guy.



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