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DayZ PS4 first impressions.

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Ok so it's finally on ps4,some good points some bad. So far servers have been solid no teleporting zoms or invisible players. Loot spawns are renewed with every server restart and the melee combat isn't as rough as I thought it would be. Now on to the bad . . . . . The inventory management and overall equipping/repairing is pretty clumsy but I'm sure with some feed back it will become more refined. Some textures take a little while to render in such as trees and bushes but all other AI based models don't which isn't to big of a deal but it is still one. Gameplay when you get used to the controls isn't actually all too bad though typical dayz slow paced it still has some tense moments along with some utterly dull ( hiding when it's pitch outside). All in all I think they have done not to bad of a job with it although I still think that £40 is a little rich but hey who needs furniture anyway.


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Great review, cheers dude. But for the price tag I'd be tempted to try it myself.

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