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DayZ update

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OK, so now the notes


Hello Survivors,

we have just released the initial 1.03 Experimental update.

With this update we have also updated the Public Experimental Server Files.




It is highly recommended to use the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data and control issues after downloading this update.




Added: Switch on/off for walk modifier ('CTRL' by default)
Added: Separated hold breath and walk inputs (both 'CTRL' by default)
Added: Erect, crouch and prone inputs (no binds by default)
Added: Turn on/off headlight/night vision goggles ('L' press/hold by default)
Added: Rotate item in inventory ('SPACE' by default)
Added: Possibility to change the orientation of items in the inventory (press 'SPACE' while dragging item)
Added: New vehicle Gunter 2 with its attachments
Added: VSS rifle with its attachments
Added: 9x39 ammunition
Added: 9x39 armor-piercing ammunition
Added: Tracer ammunition (5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, .308WIN)
Added: Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
Added: NVG head strap
Added: NVG can be attached to Tactical Helmet (hold 'L' to switch on/off)
Added: Universal Flashlight can be attached to Tactical Helmet (press 'L' to switch on/off)
Added: Baraka sights
Added: Backup Iron Sights (BUIS)
Added: PSO-1-1 Scope, designed for the VSS rifle
Added: Bayonets for KA, M4-A1, Mosin 91/30 and SK 59/66
Added: Firearms Melee Attacks with pistols, buttstocks, and bayonets
Added: Hand Saw                                              
Added: 4-dial Combination Lock
Added: Strawberry Jam
Added: Handheld Transceiver and Glow Stick attachments on backpacks
Added: Separated erect, crouch and prone inputs
Added: Quickbar working in inventory
Added: "You are here" marker for each tourist trail map stand
Added: Instead of press, some actions are now triggered by holding 'F' button for a continuous action
Added: New optional server.cfg parameter - disablePersonalLight = true/false; which toggles personal light on all connected clients
Added: Quantity bar for energy based items and fireplace
Added: New 'swayModifier' config param for weapons and their attachment
Added: Milliseconds to client/server rpt files
Added: check to prevent invalid requests from clients (inventory optimization)
Added: Possibility to execute different types of melee hits (expanded melee command to execute stationary melee animations)
Added: Character statistics into the main menu
Added: Baseball/nailed bat
Added: Drop and pickup sound for scopes
Added: Sounds for death animations
Added: Sounds for suicide animations
Added: Lock/unlock sound for doors
Added: Sounds for prone animation with a rifle in hands
Added: One male and one female character sound set
Added: Different character sounds when wearing certain headgear (e.g Combat Gas Mask, Motorbike Helmet)



Fixed: Server crash when planting seed into a watered garden plot (T138343)
Fixed: Server error when crafting torch (T136903)
Fixed: Building position updated after the first open/close door action (T137749)
Fixed: Issue with flickering lights when there were more than 6 lights in render view (now sorted based on the distance) (T136038)
Fixed: Transition between close and distant light is now instant (without dark gap in-between)
Fixed: Jammed weapons make shooting sounds for other players
Fixed: A crash when looking at the outside terrain from the close-up at certain terrain configurations
Fixed: Sea outside of the terrain borders was not rendered when enableTerrainSynth was set to false
Fixed: Black dots on a single wooden plank model
Fixed: Incorrect visuals for Patrol Pants in 1st resolution LOD
Fixed: ClockHour and clockMinute animation sources now synchronize with the accelerated time
Fixed: Breath vapour should now properly handle temperatures lower than its lower range threshold
Fixed: Torch displaying "pieces" as quantity
Fixed: A dropped Road flare now points forward, not always north
Fixed: A dropped Flash light now points forward, not sideways
Fixed: Universal Light and Pistol Light now face forward when dropped, not sideways
Fixed: Corrected texts and animations for digging hidden stash
Fixed: Watering a garden slot had no progress bar
Fixed: Possible desync issues when using base building actions
Fixed: Torch did not update its quantity while not burning when rags were added to it
Fixed: Infected can attack player through tent walls
Fixed: Weapon fire mode is not saved upon relogging (T137708)
Fixed: Infected can hit player character through walls (T138230)
Fixed: Equipment window gets cut off on specific resolutions (T128448)
Fixed: Loot in infected corpses spawns after a while (T133245)
Fixed: Drinking gasoline does not harm your character (T117406)
Fixed: Character doesn't go to the crouch position when lying on the back and moving (T138970)
Fixed: Lens flares are visible when unconscious



Changed: Limit of dynamic lights in render view has been increased to 16
Changed: Many fixes and tweaks to the Chernarusplus terrain
Tweaked: Ladders on deer stands should be easier to get on
Removed: airtemperaturecheck() function removed and its functionality moved to a new modifier breathvapourmdfr.c
Changed: Config parameter recoilModifier[2] now used to modify cam offset
Tweaked: Minor improvements for the fireplaces
Tweaked: Minor improvements for the radial menu
Tweaked: Improved Road flare particles
Tweaked: Torch no longer illuminates the world during daytime any more
Tweaked: Muzzle flash illumination range at night increased from 5m to 15m
Tweaked: Improved variability of the muzzle flash particle for the VSD and LAR rifles
Tweaked: Improved visibility of the blood splatter particle
Tweaked: Smoke particles on weapons
Tweaked: Decreased lethal radius of the landmines
Changed: Melee refactor
targeting related changes, locking of aim when the attack is committed (turning while attacking is not possible now)
damaging of vehicles/doors
Changed: Extended checking of client-server inventory requests (inventory optimization)
Changed: Read and check of file signatures moved to different thread so it won't block the main thread
Changed: Checking client signatures on the server is done in multiple frames
Changed: Possibility to render proxy objects on creatures
Changed: Unified unlocking behaviour for house doors (using Lock pick or brute force)
Tweaked: Death darkening not playing when already unconscious
Tweaked: Inventory improvements to correctly display higher stack of items in the vicinity
Tweaked: Inventory icons for bladed weapons, food and drinks
Tweaked: Projectiles damage
Tweaked: Bleeding sound
Tweaked: Distance attenuation for weapons reloads
Tweaked: Land Mine activation/explosion sounds
Changed: Jumping is disabled when a player is significantly injured
Changed: Separated hold breath and walk inputs



Fixed: Cast warning spam caused by a modded playerbase class
Changed: Greatly optimized RecipeCache, now built automatically on startup (mods no longer require to rebuild it when adding custom recipes)
Added: Workbench script debugging documentation https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DayZ:Workbench_Script_Debugging
Added: Enfusion script syntax documentation https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DayZ:Enforce_Script_Syntax
Changed: Loading unpacked mods using -mod= parameter (both game and workbench) no longer requires deprecated mod.cpp, now reads from CfgMods class in config.cpp
Added: '-gproj custom.gproj' parameter to workbench for custom selection of gproj files.
Changed: Constants are now moddable through modded class https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DayZ:Enforce_Script_Syntax#Modded_constants
Fixed: FPrint crash when writing extremely large strings to file
Changed: Increased max file size limit for script created files to 50MB
Added: Separated lifetimes for dead bodies of players, infected and animals (CleanupLifetimeDeadPlayer / CleanupLifetimeDeadInfected / CleanupLifetimeDeadAnimal for globals.xml)
Added: Energy Manager - new config parameter convertEnergyToQuantity = true;
Added: New script events OnQuantityChanged() & OnAttachmentQuantityChanged(ItemBase item)
Added: Human::LinkToLocalSpaceOf & Human::UnlinkFromLocalSpace for character link to different entities
Changed: User actions inputs refactor (optimizations for adding inputs for user action and modifying input behavior , input synchronization optimizations) → old actions defines to be removed with Stable update!
Changed: User actions initialization refactor (Set actions moved from config to script (support for inheritance), reduced exceptions in system, reduced number of steps for creating new user actions, Action input is part of action now)
Tweaked: User actions selection process and conditions check optimizations


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