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Spotting bots

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We've had a few sneaky little buggers in here lately, one only sneaking his link to a direct competitor to FG (well, we all know there's no competition to FG but we'll just call it that) a week after signing up. We, the most amazing community in the world, need to up our game to prevent being used as a billboard for pussy ass links. 


A quick guide:


  • Look at bios. Link? Report it.
  • Look at avatars. Logo? Report it.
  • Look at account background. Logo? Report it.
  • Look at signature. Link? Report it.


Anyone who reports a bad guy will get an internet cookie from none other than the Diddmeister himself. You heard it here folks. 



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I'm new to this so I have been a bit restrained.  I've had my doubts about the posts you flagged, but I have to admit, that I thought your responses were great. :)

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