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phil bottle

DayZ finally enters beta on PC

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The game that made me a gamer again finally enters beta. 


I got access to the original DayZ mod via Arma 2 in July/August 2012 after watching a video, and I remember being totally blown away.


I'd never seen anything like it.


My first game was a spawn on the beach at twilight, shitting my pants when I heard the first zed...and my first death was due to falling off a ladder. 


My laptop would overheat after a couple of hours play,  so I bought a PC,  just to play this mod.


The community clamoured for a standalone version with all the bugs fixed but Dean Hall, the mod's creator, decided to build a whole new game.


He didn't last long himself but a couple of discarded engines and nearly 5 years later, it has finally arrived.


Dear Survivors!

Today is a very exciting day for all of us here at the DayZ team. Coming closer to five years of Early Access Alpha development, we are now moving the PC version of DayZ into BETA. What does that mean for the future of DayZ and how long do we intend to run the BETA? Watch our new Dev Log video to find out more.





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