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phil bottle

DayZ mod launcher

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I had a look at the new modded servers today, jumped in a few to try them out. 


It'd be good to get a session one evening, and I can help newbies learn the ropes, thinking here if you @GazzaGarratt


But if Didds olde worlde computer and Rich's on death's door laptop can manage it maybe @Diddums and @tronic44 and @J4MES OX4D too would like to make themselves available one evening. Let me know and I'll calendar it. Even if it's just an hour or so...


There's a nice mod launcher to install, which you can access below, plus also go to the days game properties in Steam like the picture below and select experimental.






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Aren't we still waiting for the next release? Or was that 7 days? Or both?
DayZ anytime, though it's going full beta by the end of the year. Can hang on until then maybe looking as too many games right now....

7 Days is waiting upon a never coming patch

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