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What Restaurants / Fast Foods do you try?

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Thought I'd ask as I'm sitting in TGI Fridays right now


Due to the way my family like mainstream simple food and one of my kids we have to take bread & butter sandwiches wherever we go, places like TGIs and Frankie & Bennys work for us.


My personal choice is KFC as I bloody love that chicken. Wife is a veggie so don't have it a lot but good news is my Daughter is growing up to love it like me

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My town is fast becoming a food lovers paradise. Lots of quality restaurants popping up. I'm a burger man myself. Live a good gourmet burger. Best one I had at a slug and lettuce. It's was beef burger, chicken burger, pulled pork, jalapenos and sauce. Pay extra to make it large, but be prepared to hate yourself when you finish it.

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Spoilt for choice in London, you can find anything of any nationality.

Personally, anywhere that does a decent chicken curry or bacon sandwich is all I need.

But there's a pub between Clapton and Stokey that makes pizza, best pizza I have ever eaten. When they first installed the oven I was pissed off, as they installed it where the pool table was. But the pizzas are magnificent.

There's a Morrocan place in Finsbury Park that sells awesome spices for marinading chicken, I could eat that for ever.

I'd love to try the TGI Friday barbecue ribs, cos I fucking love ribs... but that place does my head in.

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