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3 hours ago, Mikepjbell said:

What makes you think it looks crap?


I'm feeling Anthem could be further confirmation that EA and Bioware have forgotten what makes games great, and instead favour cheap generic multiplayer shooters that boast about their awesome graphics while lacking any real depth.


I have an open mind of course and I'm hoping to find out I'm wrong about it being boring but then again..


...I played ME: Andromeda 🙄

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I am concerned about Anthem because it looks very generic, linear and incredibly underwhelming. It's a live service game made by declining developers with ideas poached from other games that doesn't offer anything unique or original. The developers are failing to convince with the concept and long term strategy and they seem to be looking for outs so they can go back to work on Dragon Age and Mass Effect.  


A Destiny format with Titanfall aesthetics and The Surge mechanics is a mortifying combination. Add a live service foundation into the mix plus BioWare's current reputation along with EA as publisher and it has all the hallmarks of DOA. 

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