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The FG Awards 2018

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Great day out.  As much as I love the Arcade club, it's almost a victim of its own success, as it gets very busy.  I'm thinking LAN type event next time bit more central and try get a few more people on board.  

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Superb, as always. Huge thanks to the @GazzaGarratt for organising it and the trophies are absolutely excellent. Pity someone broke theirs but we'll get this sorted in no time. 


Great to meet all the newer faces too, many mental images shattered in to a million pieces already. 

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Just wanted to pop in here and say a massive thank you to Lee and everyone else here at FG. We have a nice family here and i call us family as i spend more time talking and laughing with you guys than i do my blood family. Congratulations to the Hall of Famers, a well deserved award!


I'll be putting up a thread over the next few days that will underline my plan for our big meet up next year, this will be massive and will hopefully be the biggest meet up we've had. I'm doing this now as i want as many people as possible to be able to make it, whether that means booking the date or just saving money for it.

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