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phil bottle

PUBG drops lawsuit

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Someone realised that they’re using their game engine and thought best not to shit in the hand that feeds them. Either that or they actually thought about what they were doing and realised they were never going to win.


If it’s neither of them then 🙈

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2 hours ago, GazzaGarratt said:

What is the playerbase looking like now anyway? Be interesting to see it.

 Period/Average/Gains+ -/%change/Peak

Last 30 Days 793,181.3 -82,999.4 -9.47% 1,750,216
May 2018 876,180.6 -231,001.2 -20.86% 2,175,704
April 2018 1,107,181.8 -188,226.8 -14.53% 2,456,361
March 2018 1,295,408.6 -95,606.7 -6.87% 2,799,269
February 2018 1,391,015.3 -193,871.5 -12.23% 2,934,761
January 2018 1,584,886.8 +148,728.3 +10.36% 3,236,027
December 2017 1,436,158.5 +101,988.4 +7.64% 3,080,769

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