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Forever Gaming Half Year Update - 2018

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I thought it would be a good time to do a quick update as we are heading into one of the biggest weeks of gaming next with E3.


It's been a funny old year so far this year. Some real positives seen early in the year however, games have took a serious dive into Spring which has been felt around the community. We continue to say hi to new people coming in and old veterans coming back and saying hi. Great to see a few stick around of late too.


We should be proud that we've still managed to do quite a lot and have a lot of fun along the way. Over recent weeks we have:


- Loads of video montages, thanks to @tronic44 and @Greboth

- The born of GTA FG Friday - how epic have they been?!?

- The creation of the Forever Gaming Feel Good Fund with a bunch of people wthat now feel good :)

- New quizzes made for the community

- A bunch of new members and a few old regulars have come back


That being said, I feel like we've lost a bit of drive of late. It does happen as it is Summer and for once, the UK is having decent weather, but with the hope of what comes next week, let's get back on track. I can't do this on my own and we all know how this is the best place to be when its buzzing.


Share what news you can from E3, get involved and support the new FGers feel at home. I want to push this place and all of us to have way more fun and get more complete a shed loads of activities together - from messing about in quickplay games, completing hard raids and joining up to do some charity streaming and real life meeting.


We can do this people!



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Nice FG update Lee, pretty sure we can make this an epic 6 months for us. 


You always have to take E3 with a pinch of salt but just getting an idea of what the games will be like is great. Looking forward to some be titles being revealed 🙂

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21 hours ago, crispymorgan said:

Arcade club meet to be arranged!

Agreed :D



From what I've seen at E3 so far I'm now looking to overhaul FG to show more. Even for a trial period. There'll be lots of info out there and some really good looter shooters to play all at the same time. Future is bright!


I want to hear about any improvements or game sections you want to see moving forward. Always want to keep this place moving and improving it for all of us.

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