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Social Features - Overwatch Dev Update

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So 2 things.


1. Endorse players

2. LFG in-game


On subject of No.1, seems a good idea. Not sure how much it matters really. He says it can't be exploited but I imagine it could be - if we're all running in a group and every game I can keep endorse some of you, we all improve our positive reputation. Equally, might be me but I didn't hear any incentive or reward for this which would be a missed opportunity. Other than that, great idea.


2. LFG in the way explained gives you a greater level of control which again sounds very good in theory. I actually think for many of us here at FG its better than just rolling into Competitive and finding a random, whereas we could now say 'need 1 more Damage player like Tracer or Reaper'


Definitely could be a way to expand the FG Overwatch group and at the same time not get annoyed with randoms who don't even try to support the team.


What do you guys think?

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