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No Man's Sky - MP is finally coming

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Looks like this game, like others we know of (don't remind me) are finally turning the corner with an update that will allow you to play with friends and bump into randoms.


Sean Murray who went MIA for years did an Xbox interview and said this for the update:


"You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive." he explained in a blog on the Xbox website. "Your group can build anything from tiny shelters to complex colonies spanning planets, and everything is shared online for others to visit. Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies. Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, creating race tracks or maybe just scenic trails to share online."


I'm not sure how far this will go to the MMO that we all hoped to see but it has me interested now if we can go space exploring together and create our own world.


Does this peak your interest in the game again? Surely the game is worth pennies now and this free update could tempt us in.


Via the FG App



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I wouldn't say my interest has been piqued but I do want to see it reach its full potential. Can't imagine why they're still working on this game unless they want to win back a decent sized user base and then follow up with some paid-for DLC. I tried jumping back in a couple of months ago and had no idea what was going on and didn't hang around for more than 5 mins tbh.

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Scammer. Lies for two years straight to the media and fans about multiplayer (along with everything else) features in the game and 24 hours before the game is launched, he drops the bombshell on Twitter after everyone has pre-ordered that the game doesn't have multiplayer afterall which was it's biggest selling point. He then goes into hiding for 3 months. Two weeks before launch he also did an interview with IGN also talking about the MP elements in detail. 


'Yes' Man Murray is the biggest bullshitter in the industry and I can't believe he's releasing that piece of turd on Xbox. Microsoft must be desperate.  The only reasons he still supported the PS4 version was to save his own skin and swerve litigation down the line for the studio - people would've been entitled to refunds and many did get them before he craftily announced the first major update after coming out of hiding. He certainly embarrassed Sony and they weren't too happy with it. 


This weren't an early access title either and it's games like this that give developers an excuse to release incomplete games at full price without a care in the world. Game don't deserve no more money or exposure and even today; it's still threadbare on how Sean Murray had presented the game months before release. Easily the biggest deception in gaming. 

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