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Stardew Valley - New MP and Vita

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Stardew Valley is MP is still coming later this year still for PS4 which sounds promising as I think it will open this game up somewhat.


They've also confirmed it will be available on PS Vita as of 22nd May. Id you already own it on PS4 it will be a free update (bonus :)) however they have pointed out that MP won't be supported on PS Vita (boo :( )


I'm more likely to play on my Vita with this game but when MP comes out it's worth a shout.


It's $15 on May 22nd so pretty good price for an addictive game.



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On 5/15/2018 at 3:37 PM, The3rdWalker said:

MP has been a blast to play, we've been at it for almost 2 weeks. Some things need to be tweaked, one that is being addressed is shared loot in mine chests. 

How many players can you have in one game?

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