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I worried for a moment that it was the exact same event (not all bad as it's the best one they've made) but then there's the new file uploaded at the end....YAY.


I really hope for a different type of run of this version and if they make both available that would be amazing (doubt it but let's keep positive, hey).


Hoping to pick up last years skins though finally on the cheap.

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Okay, first impressions without playing it now finding out it's a horde mode.


Really disappointing. I mean the reason why Uprising is brilliant (and I'm glad that has come back) is because its a mission style event with different objectives happening.


Brawl is an easy mode to create and develop. Just like I felt the 2nd Halloween event was lazy as it just used the same map with little tweaks.


It may feel better when playing it but I just think they could make more of the event after receiving high praise for the Uprising mission. Meh.

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It is much more a horde game mode than the uprising which was more an objective/payload match.  I don’t think it is anything bad though as it gives some variation as PvP is all about objectives and payloads.


Playing last night for a couple of hours and it is a lot of fun.  I really like the way it is done with moving along then the horde at the end though the difficulty steps up so much at the horde.  I like the new ‘characters’ too, the sniper seems quite similar to widow but the Reinhardt/Bastion love child and Tracer/Genji assassins are something different.  Though I do think the assassins do a little too much damage or have a little too much health.


We tried both the story and any hero modes and managed to get it completed on legendary.  We tried the hardest difficulty (expert?) and that is difficult.  I do think with some more practice and a better idea of which characters to use the hardest any hero is possible.

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