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Video Creation Is Back On!

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Hey all, I’m going to have to put my video making on hold for a bit, or at least until I’ve managed to fix my computer.


Almost everything broke for me over the weekend but I’m slowly fixing everything, hot water back on, Internet working, now just my laptop! Will let you all know when I’m back in the game.

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Thanks for sharing mate, honestly don't sweat it, I know you go above and beyond a lot of the time with these videos so I'm sure when its all fixed the videos will be worth the wait.



In the meantime, I might as well check - @Greboth how are fixed in terms of making a few videos in the next few weeks?

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2 hours ago, tronic44 said:

I’m back! Everything sorted and laptop running like a dream, you know what this means....



Nice one Richyboi! :D We probably need to give everyone a kick up the arse tbh so they start sorting out what you need. 

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