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phil bottle

Sea of Thieves

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Was well good fun playing last night, i do have a few questions though.
How many people can you have per boat?
Is it just quests that you can do?
Are there different sea monsters?
I'd love to try and get loads of us trying to control a big boat, we did well last night....for most of it anyway haha
There's a Kraken with long tentacles that tries to sink the boat.

There are fortress raids on the skeleton forts but regarding quests, there are three orders or factions that give them and I'll quote from a website:

The factions in the Sea of Thieves provide constant access to the missions - quests called voyages in the game. For each order you will receive gold pieces allowing you to buy cosmetic decorations of the ship or elements of equipment and even new missions. Over time, you will have access to more expensive, but more lucrative orders. Your goal is to advance to the 50th level in each faction to unlock the conversation with the mysterious character in the tavern and access the endgame content of Sea of Thieves. Each faction offers different types of orders.

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Apologies for not jumping on last night, something came up so had to shoot out.


I do plan on being on tonight though, need to do a quick tidy of the house then will probably play some Raft until others get on.

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It really was a great pirating evening on Monday - YAAAARRRRRRR!


We picked up a couple of chests and also a couple of skulls which was great fun and it meant I reached level 5 reputation for the skull lady. I thought to celebrate I would purchase the fine Mystic Tankard that became available so I can look extra spesh whilst getting hammered on grog.


I felt like I was handling it pretty well until 1) I got blown up TWICE by those damn fast AF Skull barrel bombers and 2) that huge freaky red fish thing attacked our boat for over 20 minutes. We were constantly running around fixing the boat, getting water out with our tiny buckets and trying to blast it to smithereens with our cannons and guns. Pure hilarious carnage and I was sweating by the end of it!


Definitely should try to and get a few nights set up, based around the fun we can have with this rather than any huge tactical stuff (although the communication was really cool how we all took different roles at certain times).

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