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by media spin, do you mean covering the story?  clearly the allegations don't mean much to the GOP, but if the definition of what is "newsworthy" is information that the voting public should be equipped with, i'd say this story is easily newsworthy.


if by media spin you meant the presumption of guilt, i don't think any reputable outlet has gone that far (excluding op-eds, which are different) -- for the most part i've just seen objective coverage of the allegations.  i can see how someone might disagree that this should be covered at all in the absence of hard evidence, but that doesn't necessarily make the coverage itself "media spin."  and the coverage itself isn't strictly partisan either -- many conservative outlets have disowned Moore over this as well as "the Liberal media."

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Not taking shots, it is what I see happening everywhere these days.


Simply saying "Fake News/ Lamestream Media/ Media spin" isn't an argument, its a cop out, not to mention horribly lazy. Instead actually making an argument, using citations, or providing credible news sources, is what should happen. 


Its treated by some as if its some magical defensive barrier that should shut down all discussion. Rush Limbaugh, and a bunch of folks on Fox news are responsible for the popularity of the phrase, and why I see it all over facebook, reddit, and elsewhere


TL;DR - Discussion over catch phrases


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