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Fortnite Quick Tips

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As quite a few have downloaded this, it would be good to have a quick tip thread to help others understand more.


I'll start.


As the circle continues to get smaller, run around the edge of the circle you should last longer as you most look to go to the centre.

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2 hours ago, Mikepjbell said:

Don't die.


Epic suggestion there Mike, i'll look into it.


The Compass and callouts - One of the most important. When in a group the quickest way to get attention and focus fire on a sole or other team flanking you is a callout to the number based on the direction they are on the compass. This has been a massive help towards working together and getting further as a team.

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My biggest tips are:


1) let the others kill each other.  Do not engage unnecessarily.  We had a classic example last night.  chased what we thought was one guy into a tunnel, got rekt.


2) do not move unnecessarily.  You make loads of noise and give away your position.  Nothing gives you away like twitching about for no good reason.


3) comms comms comms. try and be really clear about what is happening.  CONTACT REAR!  is better than  "OMG OMG theres a guy behind us and were getting shot! "

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Probably a different type of tip, but it will make you better in this game beleive me.
1. Try to learn every place where a chest can be, especially in towns and places like the flush factory, jail, acres etc.
2. Once you are fully loaded or enough for a fight, engage in fights. If you hear gunshots near you, just rush to them and try to get atleast 1 kill. Beleive me that you'll die ALOT of times at first but after some time, you'll ace it.
3. Try to land at places like The flush factory and the jail cell whenever you can, you'll get enough stuff to get you through the whole map. There are like 5-7 chests at the flush factory and around 5 chests at the jail cell.
4. Whatever you are doing, always keep track of the1 Storm. If you thunk you cant make it, just run. Keep running and forget that legendary scar on the ground.
5. If you're not good with shotguns, try to use the Auto AR in close combats(You'll have to be pro at it+headshots). Use the micro uzi's more often as they have a huge fire rate.
6. Be ready to build a wall right away if you get shot once. Building cover is a major thing in this game. Also dont be an idiot and build a high ass ramp coz you'll die right away.
7. Play in squads matches first to know how the game works, but watchout for teamkillers as they'll kill you for nothing.

Via the FG App

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8 hours ago, Misneach_ said:

How has no one said.


1. If playing with @Amnotright, be prepared to have no ammo, no loot, and to be called upon when he engages all 86 remaining players at an instance notice. LOL "On me, On me! He's killing me..... Where are you boys?"


Yeah, we should just say don't play with Chris :P


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1 hour ago, ChaosGladiator said:

Chris does have that tendency to take on every fight he finds...


Last night I played a few rounds before bed and I knocked through a roof, opened a chest only for Magic Magpie @Amnotright to nick the Blue AR that popped out.



Oh, back on topic, one quick tip as well is if you pick a place near the coast, use the sea as the place to land as it will open up your umbrella as low as possible.

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