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Clash of Clans - WAR THREAD

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4 hours ago, tronic44 said:

We did well that time around, we’ve almost got enough people to go a level higher 👍

Yeh, that would be awesome...we’d need 13 villages maxing out to do it...Chris can do 3, I can do 2 at the moment but I’m trying to get one up to TH6 on Mrs P’s tablet,, you can do 2 now, then there’s Kyle, Bob, Tommy and Didds that’s 12 so a couple more would do it!

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Well with having a far better phone now than I ever have before I've managed to pick this back up again.

I've also just managed to get to Town Hall 8 so now way more things can be upgraded and done. I also need to get back understanding what a good base looks like as well. Maybe a new thread by one of the regulars would help?

The new Clan Games is pretty fun, gives more objectives to do rather than the Wars, however I'm sure that the Wars would be fun again too if we started organising one. I used to love the intensity of how the whole team worked through 2 days to try and get better scores than the opposition.

Anyone else willing to pick this up? We already have a strong dozen to help the newer people (like me) and it would be good to have a mobile game that we are connected to a little more frequently.

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