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Clash of Clans - WAR THREAD

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I’m still relatively new to CoC and to the clan, so if you feel I’m speaking out of turn, by all means, put in me in my place. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, let us continue. I’d like to war more regularly and I would especially like to be on the giving end of future ass-kickings. It has become apparent that our casual approach to war isn’t getting it done and the longer we go without successfully warring, the harder it’s going to get. These last two wars, we’ve been paired up against level 4 clans and we’re only level 2. As other clans level up and unlock better clan perks, it’s going to get even harder for us. To quote Van Halen “let’s turn this thing around, right now!”

I don’t think we need to make any drastic changes other than being more deliberate in our approach. Here are my thoughts, please share your own, let’s discuss.

1) I think anyone who is going to participate in a war should explicitly confirm that they are ready, willing, and able to take part. No more assuming people will be available to make their attacks. (We may opt to include low ranking players, even if they can’t attack, to influence matchmaking.)

2) Rather than planning individually, I think we should plan a coordinated attack. Let’s spend a bit more time strategizing and trying to find the best matchups to maximize stars. When we make individual decisions to attack, perhaps we attack someone that would have been a better target for one of our clanmates. Let’s avoid stepping on each other’s toes and work it all out as a team ahead of time. It will also give us an opportunity to talk attack strategies.

3) Everyone in the war should come here to participate in attack planning. It’s so much better than trying to do it in CoC chat.

What say you?

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As far as speaking out of turn... Gtfo, you have every right to voice your opinion as anyone. Lol

Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Stuff I'm dealing with irl, and I'll get that attack thread going soon. I promise.

1. Agree 100 percent. I kicked out my own friends for missing attacks...

2. We can try and coordinate attacks, I've tried suggesting staying within 3 to 4 ranks of who we attack. Let's say our # can attack their 1 to 3, out 10 can go down to 13 or up to 7. Something like that.

What needs to stop is our more capable guys attacking a town hall 2 levels below them. Or in contrast our lowest level attacks a th10???why?

I'm all for working out attack plans, but the many aren't as committed as the few I think.

3. Again, I'm fine with it, I spend a lot of time on here anyway.

Again I will work on my attack strategy guide asap, so we can get some high level strategies going on. That coupled with a good attack plan will hopefully win us some wars.

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General impression is that these guys are extremely weak for their town hall levels and many of them have neglected their air defense. I think we have a very good shot at winning this war.


I'm confident I can 3 star 10, 11, 12, or 13 with mass dragons.

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I'm glad to hear that they are generally weak, because I'm tired of getting my ass kicked, lol.


My dragons are only lvl 1, and I've only got 1 army building for them.  


Honestly, I suck at this game.  I haven't read enough tactics.  I'm open to attacking anyone you guys suggest, however you feel I should attack them.  Lately I've been going w/ about 5 bombs, then giants, wizards and archers behind them.  I use lighting spells to take out motors.  I need help.  

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Tommy, have a look at your opposite number #9. If he leaves his clan castle where it is, it's easy to draw the trops out from it. Then he looks easier to attack going from left to right.

Any thoughts anyone else?

Thanks.  I'll have a look after work.  

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