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Found 1 result

  1. A great start on last night with our very first group up, even better to hear the sultry, sexy voice of Tommy @BO7H B4RRELS ! Been far too long dude. @phil bottle, Tommy, @Diddums and myself (making you proud their, Dayvide ) rocked up into the SepticFalcon server to start our lives and made our way to Elektro to group up. After dying once from a horde of Zombie and running non-stop for 47 miles, I met Tommy and Didds in the Fire Station where a group of Zombies took a liking to Didds' footsteps too much and before we knew it we had a whole horde running after us! And they don't just run, they Usain Bolt it straight after everyone for miles. Didds managed to breakaway from the pack to safety but the one person that was kitted out to the max with the all the arsenal you need in a dog fight was Tommy...and he got surrounded by Zombie after Zombie in his Firefighter jacket, gas mask and 7 guns although he could only fire his Shotgun a few times before he was they destroyed him. I managed to get to a nearby house and shut the door, to eventually go get all of Tommy's stuff - thanks for being so caring dude and we all decided to get out to push North where Philly was chilling, smoking a Hamlet around the nearest village Water Pump. By that point i'd bled that much from the Zombies my screen was lack and white for most of the night, and then Didds ended up the same after another fight broke out. Blood is seriously annoying as it doesn't regen fast, so I think we need some Blood Bags ASAP. A few house searches and a trip to nearby towns - whilst i get lost (twice) - got us us some half decent weapons but by the time we logged off we likely needed a little more food before settling on a base to make our own. Didds was starving for some Baked Beans. Tommy passed out from all the heroics of running so far and bleeding out but managed to save it before he passed for the 73rd time. A huge map and lots to explore, here's hoping the next adventures including making a base camp and finding a hospital to get all the Blood Bags you could possibly need for daily blood transfusions from the sharp nails these Zombies have. I wish their mum would've told them to cut them regularly. GGFG guys.
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