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Found 9 results

  1. Projekt Red confirmed it will be a single player at launch and primarily stick to that but they are open to PvP in game and is most likely to come at some point post launch. Was wondering what people thought about this? For some reason, I imaging Cyberpunk to be a rival to GTA 6 or Red Dead Redemption 2 - open world, where you can come across other players on their missions or quests and you can dive in and help them. It seems to be put across there will be some linear storypoints even though there is character customisation. The Witcher 3 I know from you all that played it was a brilliant SP and maybe it was so good because it was only SP. I'd just love Projekt Red to push themselves to make that all singing all dancing Open World game that could be developed for years, rather than a beautiful complete SP game that gets left behind after you have completed it in 3 months.
  2. Commander_Undies

    Don't Starve - Multiplayer (PC)

    Hear that? That’s the sound of a few million tables collectively being flipped all around the world in sheer joy, terror and confusion. Alright, so let’s rip this bandage right off. We are bringing multiplayer to Don’t Starve. Since multiplayer in Don’t Starve is a bit of a controversial subject, we’re going to approach this announcement point by point so that we can cover as much info as possible. We're sure you have a ton of questions. We can’t give you all the details just yet, but we’ll get through the important stuff right away. I'm going to put this into sections based on the questions we all know you have. So, let’s do this. Buckle up, because this is gonna be a lot of text. But I’ll break it down for you. What the heck, Klei? What happened to NO MULTIPLAYER? We promised we would make Don’t Starve the best single player game that we could. To us, this meant using the resources that we had allocated to Don’t Starve and keeping them focused on delivering on that promise. We were not willing to sacrifice our goals for the game to work on a multiplayer version. This was the point we tried to get across in our our original decision. As we developed Don’t Starve, multiplayer slowly turned into a hot button issue in the community. Ok, let’s face it… it was always a hot button issue. A lot of people have voiced their feelings that multiplayer would be perfect in Don’t Starve. However, at the time we didn’t have the resources to make it happen and we weren't confident that it would actually work both in concept and implementation. It was (and still is) important to us that multiplayer would not only be interesting for you to play, but also something that we would feel proud of creating. We weren’t exactly sure how well Don’t Starve would do to begin with. At the time we made the infamous “multiplayer decision,” we didn’t know if we would have the resources to pull off an expansion, let alone a full conversion of our game from the ground up. Over the past few months, we’ve quietly smuggled in some new people onto our team who immediately said “Heck yeah, this can be a thing!” and actually threw together a proof of concept. After a couple months and an office-wide session of multiplayer Don’t Starve, we were convinced it was worth exploring and bringing it to our community. Ok, but seriously, you shut down like a million threads! Since there weren’t any plans to add it, we decided to post a statement to end speculation and argument and keep discussion and feedback focused. Initially we allowed these posts to stay on the forum, and would only close them if they became unruly. It got to a point where there was little if any room for constructive discussion about multiplayer. Each time it was brought up, it would derail into madness faster than before. Don’t Starve wouldn’t be what it is today without the feedback and discussions that take place in our forums. Moving forward we look forward to having constructive conversations about Don’t Starve Together, just like we did with the original single player game and expansion. So, what is Don’t Starve Together? Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer expansion for Don’t Starve allowing friends or complete strangers to survive together, in either public or private games. As far as we know, it will have most of (if not all) the normal features in Don’t Starve, balanced for multiplayer, and potentially even add new features. As with Don't Starve and Reign of Giants, we’ll be looking for your input from now until release. How many players can play together? We’ll see. We believe that Don’t Starve Together will support 2-4 players simultaneously. Could be more, but we are aiming for 4 minimum. What platforms will Don’t Starve Together be available on? Similar to everything we’ve done with Don’t Starve, it will begin on Steam / Standalone. Beyond that, it’s too early to tell. Alright… Now we’re talking! How much is it going to cost? Don’t Starve Together will be a free expansion for all current owners of Steam / Standalone. Thank you for supporting us! With the addition of multiplayer, the price of Don’t Starve will go up to $19.99 USD around the time Alpha becomes available. When is it coming out? We are aiming to let you get your hands on it late this summer; beyond that, we don’t know the specifics yet. That could change, but we are pretty confident that we will be able to get things together for you by then. We don’t have a solid roadmap yet, but it’s safe to say that we will likely have an early alpha before going to Steam Early Access beta, just like we did with Don’t Starve and the Reign of Giants expansion. But, I really don’t want to play multiplayer. Single player Don’t Starve will not be affected by the addition of multiplayer except for content or features not specifically related to multiplayer gameplay. Balance changes and content aimed at creating an interesting multiplayer experience will not be added to the single player game. Wait, I have a real question that’s not in this announcement! Ok, head over to the forum and let us know! Ok, where do we go from here? As with Don’t Starve and Reign of Giants, we’re going to open up a new section on the forums dedicated to Don’t Starve Together and gather up your feedback and ideas. Now let’s get on with making the best multiplayer game we can make! http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/35989-don%E2%80%99t-starve-together-multiplayer-officially-coming-summer-2014/
  3. A spot to discuss anything related to the muliplayer component of Mass Effect 3. I wasn't sure what forum to put this in, ME3 being an RPG but this topic being about the multiplayer. Share usernames, schedule times to play, post tips, tricks, strategies, builds, whatever. If it's warranted, I'll index all the content in the first post. Let's kick it off yo. This beat up piece of paper has my build for every character. I may be changing the Volus Adept, I really liked playing him as a Shield Boost spamming Stasis sniper. Need to test drive it on a few Gold games though.
  4. kylebees

    What's wrong with Ghosts?

    First, let me say that I'm not trying to start a war of Ghosts vs. BF4. Seriously though, what's wrong with Ghosts? I've played the shit out of this game and quite honestly, I feel it's the Best CoD since MW2. The connection is better than Black Ops II by a long shot. The maps are decent and from the looks of the DLC they will get a bit better. All the weapons are pretty well balanced. I guess the only down side in my opinion, are the people that play the game. So that's where my question comes from. What's wrong with Ghosts? Have you honestly given the game enough of a shot to know that it's that bad? I just don't think you can play the game for less than 24 hours and conclude that the game sucks. My first prestige, I struggled but still held a decent K/D and winning percentage. Every prestige since, both my K/D and winning percentage have gone up. I believe this is true due to map knowledge and just getting the feel for the game. I mean, we use to have loads of people on here that played CoD and now, I only see a few of us on at any given time. I miss the days of having full teams destroying the competition and just having a good time. I'm interested in what you guys and gals have to say.
  5. lol, figured we might as well have one of these to collect all the gripes about the game. The following isn't exactly a gripe, but it is kind of a shady thing that IW would do which also furthers my thoughts that they are just lazy (which is the real reason I think Theater Mode was removed). Mw2 - Mw2.5 - Mw2.75 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpSbZgSporA
  6. So I've been getting a lot of my Ghosts info on Charlies Intel, CoD Wiki and Twitter. So any new info that's not on here feel free to post it below and we'll keep on adding to the OP together. As it was already stated this thread is for us to all have a discussion about the new Call of Duty: Ghosts. I'd like to start out with the Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal video: Create-A-Soldier Infinity Ward has changed the customization feature and have added brand new Create-A-Soldier, where you customize everything about your character. Character Customization: Infinity Ward has added new ways to fully customize the soldier you play as in Ghosts. You can play as a male or female soldier and customize every feature of your character. Choose the head, body type, head-gear and equipment, and you can even create a female soldier for the first time. With over 20,000 possible combinations, you can create the soldier you’ve always wanted. And each soldier you create will also have his or her own load outs. I wanted to add on that playing as a female will NOT give you an advantage if you think that they will be smaller than males. They will be the same size, whether they add on extra gear or whatever. Load Out: In Ghosts, you’re allocated a budget for our primary weapon, secondary weapon, your lethal & tactical equipment, and your Perks. All attachments and Killstreaks are free for you to choose. There’s also ‘Squad Points’ coming in Ghosts MP, which determines what you can unlock when. You chose what attachments, guns, etc. you want to unlock. If you have enough Squad Points you can unlock whichever ones you want at anytime. Weapons: Assault Rifles: Honey Badger APS SC-2010 SA-805 M4A1 G3 ARX-160 AK-12 Vepr FAD R5 RGP MSBS Submachine Guns: UMP45 Vector CRB CBJ-MS Bizon K7 Mtar-X VBR Lightmachine Gun: Chain SAW Ameli M27 IAR LSAT Sniper Rifles: L115 USR GM6 G28 VSK Marksman Rifles: IA-2 MR-28 MK14 EBR SVU Shotguns: MTS-225 Bulldog Handguns: P226 M9A1 MP-443 Grach .44 Magnum Launchers: Panzerfaust MK32 Kastet Misc: Knife Riot Shield Lethal Grenades: C4 Canister Bomb Semtex I.E.D Throwing Knife Frag Grenade Non-Lethal Grenades: 9-Bang Concussion Grenade Motion Sensor Smoke Grenade Thermobaric Grenade Trophy System Attachments: Red Dot Sight Silencer Holographic Sight Grip Grenade Launcher ACOG Scope Extended Mags Akimbo Muzzle Brake Slug Rounds Select Fire Armor-Piercing Rounds Radar Hybrid Scope Perks: With Call of Duty: Ghosts, you get to customize what perks you want with you in-game. There’s a total of 35 perks in Ghosts, and each perk has a value between 1 and 5. You get 8 points to use on perks, and you chose which ones you want. The new Perks system has more perks than ever before. Every perk has a value from 1 to 5, and you have 8 points to allocate. So for example, choose 4 perks each valued at 2 points a piece, or even 8 perks, each valued at 1. You could also choose to get rid of your secondary weapon and get up to 11 perks. Perks in Call of Duty: Ghosts have been divided into 7 sections (refer to picture above): Speed – Examples include Sleight of Hand and Agility allowing players to quickly move through the environment. Handling – Improve the player’s weapon handling abilities with perks such as On The Go (reload while sprinting) and Strong Arm (throw equipment further and decrease grenade cook time). Stealth – Perks such as Takedown (kill enemies without revealing their death location) and Off the Grid allow players to move through the environment undetected. Awareness – Improve a player’s situational awareness and ability to detect enemy equipment. Resistance – Enhance a player’s ability to withstand damage and regenerate health faster. Equipment – Perks that allow players to hold extra equipment, attachments and ammunition. Elite – A new type of player perk that includes Ping (a sonar ping that’s activated upon killing an enemy, revealing nearby hostiles) and Deadeye (consecutive kills increase the chance to deal more bullet damage). Killstreaks - Strike Packages With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward is bringing back MW3's Strike Packages – Assault, Support, and Specialist. There are over 20 NEW Kill Streaks in Call of Duty: Ghosts — such as Juggernaut Maniac, Helo-Scout, Vulture and the ODIN Strike. Assault Strike Package – Strike package based on consecutive enemy kills that resets upon death. (they’ve made more killstreaks on the ground – not all in the air anymore.) -New streak rewards Include: Sat Com – Acquired after 3 points. The SAT COM functions similarly to the UAV in previous Call of Duty games but with a twist. The SAT COM must be planted on the ground. It is no longer an aircraft. Another feature of the SAT COM is that it is upgraded depending on how many other SAT COMs are on the map. If there is only one friendly SAT COM it will only show enemies on the radar if they are in a friendlies line of sight. If there are two friendly SAT COMs a radar sweep will go and it will function exactly like a normal UAV. Three friendly SAT COMs will cause the radar sweep to occur faster. Finally, four friendly SAT COMs will periodically show enemy direction with each sweep. IMS – Acquired after 4 points. The IMS functions similarly to the IMS in Modern Warfare 3. Guard Dog – Acquired after 5 points. The Guard Dog (Riley) will spawn near the player and follow the player around the map and will not only attack enemies close by, but also bark or growl if an enemy is nearby. Sentry Gun – Acquired after 6 points. Functions similarly to Sentry Guns in other Call of Duty games. Battle Hind - Acquired after 6 points. Although it is not known exactly what it does, one can imagine it will function similarly to Attack Helicopters of previous Call of Duty games. Vulture - Acquired after 7 points. It is unknown as to what it does. Although it appears to be a variant of a Quad-rotor that is not player controlled. Gryphon - Acquired after 8 points. It functions similarly to the Dragon Fire in Black Ops 2 although it fires explosives and can see enemies through walls. Juggernaut Maniac – Acquired after 9 points. An airdropped pointstreak that (when picked up) grants the user Juggernaut armor and a combat knife. The Maniac moves at the same speed as a normal player. Juggernaut - Acquired after 10 points. An airdropped pointstreak that (when picked up) grants the user Juggernaut armor and a Minigun. Helo Pilot - Acquired after 12 points. Allows the player to control an Attack Helicopter for a period of time. Support Strike Package – Strike package that does not reset on player’s death. (They’ve made the streaks more support based – not driven by assault.) -New streak rewards Include: SAT COM - Acquired after 4 points. (See above description). Ballistic Vests - Acquired after 6 points. Functions similarly to the Modern Warfare 3 Ballistic Vests. Box of Guns - Acquired after 8 points. It is currently unknown what the pointstreak does. Night Owl – Acquired after 9 points. An advanced companion drone that detects enemies based on proximity (motion sensor) and protects you from explosives (trophy system). MAAWS – Acquired after 10 points. The MAAWS Launcher fires a rocket which splits into two different rockets which are laser guided. Ground Jammer - Acquired after 12 points. Although it is not fully known what this pointstreak does one can imagine it jams or disables enemy SAT COMs. Air Superiority - Acquired after 12 points. Calls in a fighter jet that engages enemy air support / pointstreaks. Heli Sniper – Acquired after 13 points. Provide sniper support for your team aboard a controllable helicopter. Support Squadmate - Acquired after 13 points. It is currently unknown what the Support Squadmate does. Oracle - Acquired after 14 points. It is currently unknown what the Oracle does. Juggernaut Recon - Acquired after 14 points. Airdrops a Juggernaut armor that has a personal radar. Nothing else is currently known about what the Juggernaut Recon spawns with. Specialist Strike Package – it’s the same as MW3, Unlock perks as you get more kills. 2 points- Grants the player the perk he/she selected as the first unlock. 4 points- Grants the player the perk he/she selected as the second unlock. 6 points- Grants the player the perk he/she selected as the third unlock. 8 points- Grants the player the Specialist bonus. Field Orders: Field Orders are new to the world of Call of Duty. Field Orders are special assignments that are received by picking up a hovering blue suitcase which is dropped when the top player in the lobby is killed. If the Field Order is successfully completed a care package is granted which can contain any pointstreak in the game and possibly grant the powerful K.E.M Strike or trigger a map event. Field Order assignments can be something as seemingly simple as getting 3 kills in a row whilst prone or something harder such as getting a collateral. When the player carrying the Field Order dies the briefcase will fall and can be picked up by any player in the game whether it be friend or foe. K.E.M Strike (Odin Strike)- When received via a Field Order package and used a 5 second countdown begins. When the timer reaches 0 a massive explosion occurs which kills all enemy players and change the way the map appears. It is only currently known to be a reward on the map Strikezone. Game Modes Cranked – similar to TDM with a faster face – when you get a kill you get fast movement but with a countdown timer. You’ll explode if you don’t finish before the clock. Infected – similar to the mode in MW3. Search and Rescue – take on SnD – when you’re killed you drop a dog tag; if your team mates get the tag, they can revive you. Grind Blitz – take on CTF – each team has a portal to defend. You have to go through the portal to score points. Hunted Safe Guard Multiplayer Maps ‘Free Fall’ – Preorder Bonus – The brand-new Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer map Free Fall drops you into a shattered skyscraper on the brink of collapse. Sideways staircases climb into the night sky, elevator shafts run along the ground, and what were once windows now form a terrifying glass floor, hundreds of feet above the city streets. Free Fall’s close-quarters combat and frenetic action are thrown into overdrive as the ruined skyscraper continues to fall throughout the match, an example of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new dynamic multiplayer events. With every drop, the accompanying shockwaves cause further destruction, disrupting sight lines and constantly evolving paths and choke points as the map changes in real-time. ‘Octane’ ‘Strike Zone’ - takes place in a torn out baseball stadium. ‘Whiteout’ - Snow map. 'Chasm' - takes place in Los Angeles. Miscellaneous Multiplayer Info Contextual lean – can naturally lean around obstacles. Mantling -Move fluidly over objects, while not losing momentum. Low-mantle, while firing your weapon. Jump mantle from roof-top to roof-top. Knee Slide - Natural transition from sprinting to crouch or prone. Maintain momentum as you move through the world. Ability to shoot while sliding. YY is similar to MW3's function. New Knee sliding feature – where you transition from standing to crouching. FIELD OBJECTIVES – if you complete a field objective, you get a special care package that gives you a streak. ALL Multiplayer maps will have ‘some’ dynamic element. Ghosts will be supporting competitive multiplayer. Dog will be in MP – not discussing how at this time. Revamped Multiplayer completely. Dynamic Maps (earth quakes, flooding, player driven actions, doors, explosive traps, etc.) Character Customization – choose heads, bodies, helmet, and gear They want to make each map as different as possible. Removing the classic symmetrical map layouts. One map has a point where a satellite crashes into the map – whichever teams gets to it first gets a UAV. Dedicated Servers for Xbox One. No Theater Mode. No more Hardpoint and Capture the Flag. Call of Duty Elite Take profile from current gen to next gen – including your stats, custom classes, and more! Clans: Join clans, create, and manage all in-game or app. Communication via messages. Rally Up. Touch based emblem editor for your Clan. Clan XP for any MP match with Clan. Clan vs. Clan playlist! Can have Xbox 360 or Xbox One players (Hopefully the same for PS3 and PS4). CLAN WARS – battle against other clans in the new clan war features. This new feature allows you to play against other clans to earn Clan XP and level up in game. A brand new, 24/7 game mode that connects directly to Call of Duty®: Ghosts multiplayer, where clans compete against each other for additional XP and in-game content The New Call of Duty Mobile App: The Call of Duty App includes some of the best and most popular features from Call of Duty® Elite, such as tracking your career stats, as well as the ability to check out a friend’s or rival’s stats. Communicate via the Rally Up and Clan Chat features, to keep in touch with your friends and Clan members. Second Screen functionality is there to enhance your experience, and not get in the way. Pre-match, you can edit your squad. In match, you have one-touch access to swap your loadout for your next spawn. ESports Infinity Ward and Activision announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be supporting eSports by giving the players the features they need; including: LAN Lobbies and customization. They’re also adding a new spectator mode from where casters will be able to watch the gameplay and cast the game itself. Activision also announced that the CALL OF DUTY: CHAMPIONSHIP presented by Xbox, is returning in 2014. And, Ghosts will also be part of all MLG Circuit events throughout 2014, starting with MLG Columbus in November. Collectors Editions Hardened Edition (Price $119 US): Player Pattern Player Card Player Background Official SoundTrack Free Fall Bonus Map Collectors Steelbook Military-style Paracord Strap Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass which gives you 4 DLC Packs Game Prestige Edition (Price $199 US): 1080p Tactical Camera (with memory card, multiple mounting attachments, and rechargeable battery) Player Pattern Player Card Player Background Official SoundTrack Free Fall Bonus Map Collectors Steelbook Military-style Paracord Strap Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass which gives you 4 DLC Packs Game DLC Season Pass Infinity Ward and Activision have announced the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass. Call of Duty®: Ghosts Season Pass: Get four epic DLC Map Packs*, each delivering a collection of fresh Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer content and more. Plus, you’ll receive the Team Leader digital content pack, a Season Pass-bonus that includes a unique MP character head, headgear, weapon camo, reticle, player patch, player card and player background. The DLC Season Pass costs $49.99 and is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC. If you buy the Season Pass for a current generation console, then you’ll be able to upgrade to the next-generation console Season Pass (within the console family) for free.
  7. TigerBurge

    Ghosts First Impressions

    So what's you first impressions of Ghosts?
  8. Cassidy

    "Pinging..." Fix

    Use "ForeverGaming.nn.pe:25565" instead of "" I don't know what the difference is or anything, I'm not a minecraft or computer wizard. But this worked for me.
  9. How will you remember this generation of gaming consoles?


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