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  1. Hi, I'm going to be dead honest, I don't want people to think of me as a "troll" or "fake" or "scammer" etc so I'll just be open about everything... My head is a mess right now due to mental illness, finances, relationships (family wise) etc so ignore my rants or suicidal posts. I'm also Autistic and a lot of webmasters/admins have been cruel to me about my behaviour by giving me temporary or permanent bans or warnings. I have a verified account with YouTube and Twitter but people keep bullying me and reporting my content to try and get me kicked off. My legal name is "Aimee" but I identify as "male" so I go by the name "Alan" but due to excessive bullying and harassment, I no longer have a name, I wish I could have one but people only judge or see me by my flaws or misunderstandings so I feel unwelcome in society, especially online. I don't know if I will be welcome here or it's the right place for me but I'm going to give it a try. I've been a gamer since I was a toddler, loved anime since I was a preteen, I'm not sure if it is allowed on here but I'm interested in buying games or game consoles and memory cards with game progress completed. Right now I'm looking for a pre-owned original PS4 console that's UK PAL but modified so it can play region free discs/games. I would save up for a better TV or a PS4 pro but they're so expensive. I'm a legit buyer but I've been blackmailed and harassed because I wouldn't pay some guy £300 upfront by PayPal during Christmas period, I explained to him that if I did a bank transfer it'd be faster but he didn't listen and now he has like £1,500 pending to his PayPal account. I'm 31 years old, I own a SEGA Saturn & Mega Drive, slowing saving up for a Dreamcast, I have a PS2 (Original & Slimline) and one of those plug in play mini consoles. I think I have an N64 somewhere, I definitely have a NES. Well, this is me... If you like me and accept me, thank you, if you are creeped out or feel uncomfortable of my presence then by all means report me and I'll happily accept being banned from here like every other online community... Unfortunately I don't have Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg doesn't want me to have it. there you go
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