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Found 9 results

  1. Post all your ideas or thoughts no matter how big or small on here. Things that aren't a fault but you miss what we use to have or something completely new. Equally, if something is too excessive and prefer it removed. Let's have it all here so we might be able to group some changes up into one night of updates. It's everyone's forum so let's work on this together Thanks FG!
  2. Now we have a chosen charity to support I want to keep momentum going. So we need ideas that you think would work, even if its an idea that raises just a few pounds. The more we have the better chance we all have to get involved. On that note, it would be good to know if you also want to be involved in any of the ideas. If it is anything physical I would absolutely look to get something sorted so you have some form of attire to wear and providing I have the conversations at MIND, i will then work out what i'm allowed to do with their logo, etc. So, drop anything you've got below or/and your involvements!
  3. There's some high hopes for this game and based on the amount of content and fun people have got out of GTA 5 over a long period of time, I'm wondering what do you people want to see in the next open world game from Rockstar Games? I'm personally hoping enhancements to the online lobby system and a good variety of online missions to start with. Interested to hear all your thoughts.
  4. I'm bored of the amount of unnecessary sprays and emblems. If you were in charge what additions would you make? More of something already in the game like skins or Highlight Intros (hell yes for intros), or what about anything completely new and different? Rainbow 6 and Call of Duty added charms which the community asked for, bespoke ones for each character could look really cool.
  5. What would you do? I'm geniunely interested in what you guys think (yes, i know what we'd really like to do [emoji14]) as to if you were in charge how would fix things and move forward to try and save the franchise. They have a business need to hit targets still but for me, it was just a subtle change of priorities to which thing to deliver first. No doubt stuff takes a long time to develop, so to try and keep people at bay, adding strike modifiers and potentially strike loot if there was time would've kept the game grind going and make a key part of the game massively relevant. I'd have been happy to wait for other stuff then, even like Raid specific perks on armour.
  6. Thought I'd kick the dust off this section as the next game seems like it has potential to be great. So what would you like to see from the next CoD? MP improvements, matchmaking changes, gun upgrades? I've been out of CoD for so long that I'm interested to know the pain points that would help to make a better game to play.
  7. Well, I can't say enough how made up I certainly was yesterday. Compared to what my normal Friday would be, yesterday was a little mental. Thank you for being around, as always. Clearly, one day isn't enough and I absolutely know I can't do this on my own. We need keep the topics and posts and to be honest, like Rich said in the other thread, this is the ideal opportunity. Destiny 2 is seriously big news. There's so much stuff to learn and uncover that I think its obvious that this will be one of our main games. Please find and share as much info as you can. Equally, anyone who hasn't had the game before I URGE you to give it a try. You won't be disappointed. Call of Duty will be back soon and I feel there's 2 parts we should try and give a try - 1) the new CoD as it seems this is closer to what everyone has wanted for years and 2) I think we should be having some CoD reunions across all old games. Clearly the latter will consist of who has which consoles and which games but we should start trying to work this shit out. Black Ops 3 is probably owned by most PS4 owners and that game was one of the decent CoD games. Let's make use of the Calendar more often. Anyone can add events on there. Even if you find out a game release, add it on there. It's not that hard and it adds value to what we offer overall. If you make game events then for the community then it has a RSVP system which is a pretty neat tool. Rich is working on the video section and it would be great if you all started to think about saving your clips more often. Upload it to the videos section and then it should create a corresponding forum topic for it with a link. There's tons more we could do but thats a start for ideas. ALL of these can be picked up by anyone. We fall together, we grow back up together and smash the fucking world together.
  8. If you had the chance, what would you change now Season 2 is upon us? I'd like to see some existing maps tweaked so on a Competitive game the points or game modes rotate. Hanzo feels OP, even though I can't get him to work for me. I'd like to see his hit box get slightly smaller. Winston could do with a buff on his primary weapon, he doesn't seem to have enough impact with just his ultimate. I also think they should look at the speed of some characters. Whilst I get Roadhog and Reinhardt are massive therefore slower, I just think they are far too slow to get back into battle.

    FPS Maps

    So, I was browsing Reddit and found an interesting thread talking about FPS games and their multiplayer maps. The thread can be found here. "As "realistic" shooters continue to trend, I find that they all share one aspect that stifles its intentions. In this particular example I was playing Insurgency, which is a quasi-realistic shooter running on the source engine. I have a very hard time competing on some of the maps because since it's a one life per round sort of thing (at least in some game modes) involving capturing points, the players that know the map they are playing in and know all the convenient corners and vantage points have an edge. I realized that has simply been the story of every FPS ever, map awareness is a huge factor especially when the game is very unforgiving in terms of damage and realism. What would be great if there was a realism-focused FPS that put two teams against each other on a randomly or procedurally generated map, so that every match involves the unknown of where the enemies might be hiding. Aside from the new challenge of every room being an unknown, it would then prompt the use and/or implementation of gear is otherwise used in the same fashion every round. Now you wont have 10 frag grenades being thrown into the main conflict room. You wont have flashbangs being tossed around the same corner every match. You'll have to listen, communicate, and decide what room should be breached with a bang and what areas should be traversed in silence. I think perhaps one of the biggest issues would be making it work. It's hard to imagine how you could make procedurally generated CQB style maps that would be interesting and detailed. What do you think, should an FPS try and give us a fresh experience every match, to keep us on our toes?" I'm not sure how I feel about the topic. I see can points for both sides. I would love to eliminate the commonly used camping spots, spawn grenade toss places, etc., but on the other hand, there's a skill in learning the maps/spawns/etc. Do you guys think that this could be the future in FPS maps? Or do you think people would always choose the tried method of standard maps that can be memorized? Thoughts?
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