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Found 2 results

  1. LordBaguette

    Overwatch FG Heroes List

    Alright people I have made it my duty to get a list of each of us that plays Overwatch, along with a list of characters you feel you can play as to a good standard on competitive. We need to start getting better to compete with other teams of 6 players and I figured this would be a good way to start. I will combine everyone into the one post so its all in one place Heres how I want it to shape up: PSN name - Self explanatory Competitive rank - Obviously this will fluctuate a lot depending on play but just a ballpark figure for now will be good, if your rank changes drastically post it on here again Characters - Post at least 3 characters you can play well with on competitive, also in order of who you are best with (Number 1 being your best) Plus any added explanation that's useful would be a bonus So for me it would be: LordBaguette Rank: 2800 Characters: 1. Junkrat 2. D. VA 3. Fucking Hot Healing Chick! 4. Lucio 5. Soldier 6. Hanzo 7. Symmetra 8. Orisa Easy as that
  2. Anyone here download and play this yet? I just read about it and the reviews so far have been pretty good. It's along the same idea as Clash of Clans with a Call of Duty spin to it. I hope we get a group on this as well.

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