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Found 357 results

  1. Week 22 - Mon 1 June to Sun 7 June IMDb Score - 7.8 Metacritic Score - 79 The Fighter Trailer Available on Netflix. Enjoy all! GGFG
  2. After speaking to a few people here and recently buying GTA for Hamza @SyntaxMonstr, I think it's time to share and give a go to what I'd like to be called FG's Feel Good Fund after @crispymorgan great shout for a name (FGFGF. Snappy right? ). Objective is simple - To help out as many FGers as we can to make them 'Feel Good'. Surprises either go to people in need or someone we want to say thankyou or so we say 'Feel Good'. This is what we are the BEST at. This is why FG continues because its more than just a forum. Everyone member here knows that and we should continue doing this as much as we can. The part where its over to all of us is donations. I can ask at ad-hoc times in need or you can give regularly. Not everyone can give regularly or at all but if you can it would be amazing even if you give a few pounds or dollars. I would love to at some stage extend this to the running of FG however this is different. I will ask for help when the time is right separately as I want you to feel this is 100% Feel Good Money. I want to know your geniune honest thoughts on this. Good, bad or indifferent - I need to know. A couple of rules I will set out to start with. 1) If you want to give regularly, let me know and PM me. It is better to direct into account rather than paypal as we always lose a slight percentage for each donation. 2) no gift is too small. Even if you gave £1 or £2 I'm grateful. If we all did that each month we could give a game away each month. 3) If you donate and you want it towards someone or something specifically, please PM me. I don't want to 100% guarantee that it goes directly or not directly to someone, however your best intentions ALWAYS come first and I will communicate If its against your wishes. 4) If you have a suggestion for A Feel Good surprise please PM me. I will consult with other moderators to gain a consensus but ultimately I'll hold the final say. If you don't like this, speak up. If this picks up, I'll update it to a vote of trusted people. I think that's it. Please don't just dismiss this. We've got a good thing going here and I want to keep it going for as long as we can. This is for ALL of FG. Much Love Lee P.S. Donations ad-hoc you can use the donate button or alternatively PM me if you don't want it read on here. Thanks all. X P.P.S. And btw, I know pretty much everyone's scenarios and troubles of late. We are pretty dysfunctional but for all of the imperfections, we are truly a unique and special family that should be allowed to Feel Good - and welcoming to new FG people always.
  3. Week 21 - Mon 25 May to Sun 31 May IMDb Score - 8.7 Metacritic Score - 90 Goodfellas Trailer Available on Netflix and multiple other sources. Let us know what you think - good bits, bad bits, you know the drill!
  4. FOREVER GAMING "Let's go FG. Let's Cabal's Deep." We are a family of gamers, across the world from the UK and USA but also into Europe and further continents. We aim to have fun, share info, help each other, beat missions, quests, strikes, raids together.
  5. View this quiz FG Gaming Pub Quiz No.1 1st of our series of general pub quizzes with a gaming twist - well, what would you expect! Like it tells you...DON'T LEAVE THE BROWSER! It knows if you do and immediately ends the quiz for you. You have been warned!! Submitter GazzaGarratt Type One Right Answer Time 5 minutes Total Questions 12 Category General Submitted 01/15/2020  
  6. It was about time we needed a little refresh of sorts for our home to keep it fresh and take the FG baton speeding into 2020. So, I've spent quite a while updating most of the applications and features here but of course, as you can see we now have a nice new feel! Whilst there's still lots to do and updates to be done across many parts of FG still, this is a nice way to go into the Christmas period with a swanky pad befitting all your needs. You'll see you can now directly choose Light or Dark theme at the top without reloading, change the header to your own one on your Profile at FG and even change the theme colour if you want to (our FG red is the default). The videos section is a brand new section to build on, with options to add live streams that you are aware of. We can make collections when required to do so - go and put some reviews on some of the videos here! We also have Articles which is brand new. This is very similar to the blog space we used to have years ago but now its incorporated and if you feel like you have a good lengthy story to tell rather than in a post, lets hear them! You'll see we already have a number up and waiting to be read so dive in and let us know what you think of it all. There's lots more around so i'll let you have a look around and find stuff out, equally any questions please shout up. I'd urge you to go and visit via your browser or PC if you can so you appreciate the full changes. If there's demand we can do some simple guides to navigate, etc. Lots of the pages and spaces we have are due to be fleshed out a ton over the Christmas and New Year period so you have any suggestions as always, please try and use the tracker so we can get some use out of it. You might've noticed I've been a little quiet of late - I appreciate every single one of you being around for my Grandad/Dad (more in my PPR if you need more info). Not enough words can be said for what this family does for each other and i'm forever grateful. Its why I love spending time making our home the best place for all of you and any new FGers that come to stay. Sound off below! GGFG
  7. Week 18 - Mon 4th - Sun 10th May IMDb Score 7.0/10 Metacritic 58 American Pie Original Trailer: I thought for a change, why not? Lets take us all back to 1999, when everything was so very different. Like warm Apple Pie Let us know how it goes just over 20 years later!
  8. As it's Thursday I thought we could start an awesome weekly theme about some of your most memorable gaming moments. Whatever it is a story, a video, funny moments, awesome moments, let's hear them! I'll be looking to keep this up across our social media channels too, so if there's something on here that stands out we'll hopefully share it even further. Looking forward to reading/seeing what you've got!
  9. Week 16 - Mon 20th - Sun 27th April IMDb Score 7.9/10 Metacritic 81 District 9 Original Trailer: Available on Netflix and Sky Cinema. Quite groundbreaking at the time of release and it's very raw, coming from Neil Blomkamp. Let us know what you think!
  10. Last nights first FG Friday in March was hilarious! Crispy, your son winning that mental game of gungame at 2 K/D was amazing...especially as you came second We now seem to have Rachel Rabbit bouncing all over the place, Shucks was calling out where every fecker was, Ajay, Crispy and Greebs being ultimate snipeycunts (but Alex was just gunning for his Dad ) Didds running around like a mental loon shotgunning everyone and Gary camping on the stairs was annoying to the point he annoyed himself and took an RPG to everybody! I think we broke Nick in the second gungame, he broke me more though everytime he went to slide and just went prone as there's no slide! Phil, your mines were that fucking annoying, I seen you slide into every corner and went to trample you but I exploded every God damn time. Those sniper shots were unbelievably hard to get to move on for gungame. SnD was...slow to say the least, glad we tried it though as maybe another day it could work. I enjoy Wet Work (I think?) was the best map for me. Shipment was crazy AF. Way better for gungame but not TDM with Airstrikes and a Helicopter being brought in by Rachel Rabbit, quickest TDM game ever ffs Oh, and Euan @Chookes, read your messages next time and download the whole game before the next the night you pratt. GGFG everyone, top night @techno @Shucker @Diddums @tronic44 @Plumbers Crack @phil bottle @Greboth @crispymorgan Alex @Misneach_ @Bluebear @fg_cal Cardiotype.
  11. Back to the old school CoD tonight! @Diddums says: Alright you bawsaqs. Make sure you have MWR installed and updated for Friday night's sesh! It's free and you're not allowed out the house so *NO FUCKING EXCUSES* See you tonight
  12. Event Title: FG Fridays - MW:Remastered Games! Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 04/17/2020 08:00 PM Back to the old school CoD tonight! @Diddums says: Alright you bawsaqs. Make sure you have MWR installed and updated for Friday night's sesh! It's free and you're not allowed out the house so *NO FUCKING EXCUSES* See you tonight FG Fridays - MW:Remastered Games! N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  13. Wk15 - 13th April to 20th April IMDb Score 7.8/10 Metacritic Score 87/100 The Fugitive Trailer: Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, must find the real killer while being the target of a nationwide manhunt led by a seasoned U.S. Marshal. Available on Netflix.
  14. Let's see if we can a complete full lobby of at least 16 of us online. You know you want to.....
  15. Event Title: FG Fridays - FG GTA Races! Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 04/03/2020 08:00 PM Let's see if we can a complete full lobby of at least 16 of us online. You know you want to..... FG Fridays - FG GTA Races! N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  16. IMDb Score 6.9/10 Trailer: I think we needed a Comedy this week after I didn't get chance to put a film up for last week (sorry about that). One of the iconic roles Will Ferrell has played to date. Its also available on Netflix. Watch it this week and write back your reports! Good bits, bad bits, overall opinions all welcome! Get involved will ya
  17. Now we have a chosen charity to support I want to keep momentum going. So we need ideas that you think would work, even if its an idea that raises just a few pounds. The more we have the better chance we all have to get involved. On that note, it would be good to know if you also want to be involved in any of the ideas. If it is anything physical I would absolutely look to get something sorted so you have some form of attire to wear and providing I have the conversations at MIND, i will then work out what i'm allowed to do with their logo, etc. So, drop anything you've got below or/and your involvements!
  18. Week 3 2020, Mon 27th Jan - Sun 2nd Feb IMDb Score - 7.7/10 Trailer Release date of 1991. Its a reputable film and one which is out there based on all previous picks. Hope you all try to give it a go, its not normally what I watch but i'll definitely give it a good go. It has Cuba Gooding Jr, Ice Cube and Laurence Fishburne to name a few actors.
  19. Week 3 2020, Mon 20th Jan - Sun 26th Jan IMDb Score - 7.6/10 Trailer A gritty war film this week. Let's try and watch this and share your thoughts below! Remember, spoilers are fine in this thread so beware if you dont want to know! Try and watch between now and Sunday folks
  20. Let's get the Giving Something Back moving this year that I eluded to in the recent Article posted. We need a Charity to affiliate to, like we asked about in June 2018 but never continued the momentum. Once we have them, we can engage with them and also start looking at doing some small Charity work to support the chosen Charity. I don't want to set a target figure as of yet, let's take this a stage at a time. So if you could be so kind to vote for one or the few that you would be happy to support, after a week we'll close the poll and which ever has won we will name them as our affiliated Charity for at least the next 12 months. A little bit more info of each Charity can be found below: MIND - https://www.mind.org.uk/ Extra Life - https://www.extra-life.org/ Special Effect - https://www.specialeffect.org.uk/ Child's Play - http://childsplaycharity.org/ These were all narrowed down from the list we had previously from all of you so hopefully you'll agree any one of these would be a great cause to get behind. If you want to add a reason why you voted for one, please put it down below in the comments.
  21. @jordie1892 @Dan94 @phil bottle @Findmartin @tronic44 @ChaosGladiator @Stretch616 @Plumbers Crack Another one this season? Do we want to try something different like games against each other for points? Maybe more engaging and better to do as we can use the tournament function on FG if needed for a league format? Anyone else want to jump into this for the new season?
  22. IMDb Score - 6.8 Thank you @Greboth for the request. Trailer: Checked and confirmed this is available on Netflix. Looking forward to hearing what you all think...i personally haven't watched this one ever.
  23. Guess who's back, back again. FG GTA and MW:R, tell a friend. Starting on GTA for a few Races and then flipping over to MW:R half way through the night. Let's try and get there for both, support both games as you know it's always more fun when we all jump in together. Whilst you're here, stick yer name down. Still want to see at least a full 16 PSN party chat.
    • One Right Answer
    • 5 minutes
    • 12 Questions
    • 17 Players
    1st of our series of general pub quizzes with a gaming twist - well, what would you expect! Like it tells you...DON'T LEAVE THE BROWSER! It knows if you do and immediately ends the quiz for you. You have been warned!!
  24. I thought we were supposed to make it harder for our own teams, not easier? Great night last after changing up FG Friday yesterday to Rainbow 6. 8 of us for quite a while...honestly Cripsy, you have to sort your connection issues. Alex was killing me bloody everywhere and thats not right that he nailed me pretty much most rounds. @J&B managed his best to shoot every part of me before wreaking havoc on the enemy. Breadcakes @MrBiron cursed the first game by thinking him, @crispymorgan and me would destroy Alex, @fg_cal and @Stretch616 ...yeah, that didn't end well. Glad Matty @Misneach_ got involved too. Although him saying its his first go and acting like a noob when he was with me, and then coming MVP when he went to the other side was proper dodgy as hell. Note to self - Always pull down enemy shields protecting the bomb. It adds to the intensity of diffusing the bomb and everybody shits their pants. Go big or go home I say. GG's everyone, we'll put it in the rotation for some Fridays as well as other nights @GazzaGarratt @crispymorgan Ajay-1997 @Stretch616 @fg_cal @MrBiron @Misneach_ @J&B
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