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Found 1 result

  1. In a quiet space in the world, BioWare continue to work on the 2.0 reboot for Anthem and they are starting to share it through social media, being very open and transparent that this is still early days. The early signs are very promising and it looks very different to what it was, especially with UI design and methods of rewarding players. Highlights are: Loot revealed immediately Equip it as soon as you get it Better hit registration Gear re-rolling Mods Coin now drops from enemies They've also shared screenshots and early development videos of certain aspects that show this off. I know what you're thinking...sounds a little like Destiny right? Well, all lives service games are gonna take the best bits for themselves and I don't blame them. It will make the excitement of the game go up with things popping on the screen and different rolls to chase. The new loadout screen looks inviting and more familiar to players of other games: Big numbers make me happy. It brings in the large casual crowd much easier because some things like Power should be easily explained by the UI. Some new areas, and pirate zones: Also, gun styles are looking pretty interetsing too: The full blog can be found below: Anthem Update – Loot & Equipment Goals – BioWare Blog BLOG.BIOWARE.COM Hello Again! I hope this finds you well and I appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the right timing for new information. We’re excited to share with you our next blog, but we als… All in all, its an actual decent read and nice to see that a game that flopped so hard at launch is trying to find its way back out there. I said way back that I felt like it could be a No Man's Sky-esque return that may grab many players. I'd love to see those concept world pictures a reality. I'm glad I picked up the base game for £5 now.
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