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Found 9 results

  1. Just a little fun poll to understand who will come second and third after Titans Place your bets please!
  2. As we're in Season 10, I thought it wouldve a good idea to know what people are finding that works well for them in different activities in the current season. Be it Raids, PvP, Strikes, Nightfalls, Menagerie, Gambit, etc. Just knowing what you'd flip to in different scenarios. I think this would help newer players too know what to look out for. Even if you have a great random roll on a gun that is flying high right now in everyday gameplay, let's hear about it here.
  3. Grabbed this from TWAB yesterday: From the Development team: The Recluse Changed the effects of Master of Arms: Removed the precision damage modifier Recluse will continue to receive a damage bonus from Master of Arms, but damage will not default to precision values when the perk activates Many doubted The Recluse when it was first announced, but it has since proved to be resilient to being squashed. Although the precision damage modifier did not actually improve the efficacy of the weapon at its best, it did allow for fairly mindless spraying to be just as good as concentrated aiming. After considering various options on what to do with it, the decision was made to remove that part of the functionality and preserve its activation methods. The alternative was leaving in an effect we believe to be too strong for a Legendary weapon. One-Eyed Mask Changed the effects of Vengeance Removed the overshield granted from defeating an opponent that inflicted damage on you In a previous sandbox update, One-Eyed Mask received some tuning in how Vengeance was applied to Titans. Next Season, this perk will continue to provide health regeneration when defeating an opponent that has inflicted damage upon your Guardian, but it will no longer grant an overshield. So yeah, they're finally getting some form of nerf after months of moaning from the community that it upset the balance of PvP and also PvE to some extent with Recluse. What's everyone's views?
  4. So I think it's time to see who's actually thinking of getting stuck into Shadowkeep and whos considering coming back for the free version? The below graphics show some facts about what is free and also what you get for buying the standard Shadowkeep pack and then with the additional pass - deluxe version. I'm really hoping we can rejuvenate the clan part again and really start getting stuck into all the activities going on as there'll be even more to do come Tuesday. So who's in and for what bit?!
  5. Crown of Sorrow Raid is on folks! Need 6 of you lovely people tonight. Who's around to give it a go? 7 spots with last spot can be a sub. Let's see if we can nail it!
  6. Event Title: Crown of Sorrow Raid Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 09/14/2019 08:00 PM Crown of Sorrow Raid is on folks! Need 6 of you lovely people tonight. Who's around to give it a go? 7 spots with last spot can be a sub. Let's see if we can nail it! Crown of Sorrow Raid N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  7. Taken from Bungie.net THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 9/12/2019 0h - dmg04 This week at Bungie, we’re looking into the near future. We’ve talked a lot about how Shadowkeep will change the way we play Destiny, and we’re not even done yet. We’ll have more to say before October 1 about how the game is about to evolve. There might even be a final pre-launch Bungie ViDoc about Year Three next week, but that’s not my promise to make. Keep your eyes up. Seeing Guardians rejoin Eris on the Moon for a new adventure is not the only thing we’re looking forward to when we daydream launch day. As this new campaign against the minions of the darkness begins, a new Season of Destiny gameplay will begin with it – followed by three additional seasons of updates. We’re about kick off a whole new year of explorations, rewards, and surprises. But not everything should be left to surprise. We know that Guardians like to plan their gaming sessions. This calendar shows what’s coming free to all players of Destiny 2, what’s in store for Shadowkeep, and what’s included with Season of the Undying: Save these dates! If you’re not one to over-plan your life, you know we’ll keep you up to date from week to week on what awaits you in the game. That’s just what we’re about to do right now. SHADOWKEEP SANDBOX UPDATE: WEAPONS Last week, we did a bit of a deep dive on upcoming changes to abilities in Shadowkeep. This week, we’ll be giving a patch note preview on how your weapons will be fine-tuned. For this pass, the team put some love in to a few Exotics that may have been collecting dust in your vaults. On top of that, a bit of tuning has been done in how damage is applied to different targets in PvE environments. In terms of how these changes will impact your PvP experience, a few weapons and archetypes are being buffed, with some seeing more aggressive range falloff to give breathing room to Scout Rifles and other weapons. Weapon Changes - General Weapon mods are now treated as reusable unlocks instead of consumables. Any mods you have in your inventory will be converted to unlocks This gives players the opportunity to play with different mods more frequently If the only copy of a mod you have is already in a gun, you will need to reacquire one to unlock it Auto Rifles PvE damage increased between +30% and +25% depending on combatant rank Bows PvE damage increased by +31% against minor enemies, and +26% against major enemies Fixed an issue where bow draw times were displayed incorrectly in the inspection screen Hand Cannons PvE damage against minor enemies increased by 30% Lightweight and Adaptive hand cannons use a new firing animation while aiming down sights This change was made to increase weapon accuracy when firing these weapons as fast as possible Ex: Currently, players can shoot faster than the recoil animation of 140/150 archetypes – so while the handcannon looks to have fully reset from recoil, the following projectile will be shot as if the weapon was still in a recoiled state. Reduced the effect the range stat has on damage range falloff (effective range) for this weapon archetype Machine Guns PvE damage against minor enemies increased by 25% Increased the effects of damage range falloff on this weapon archetype Pulse Rifles PvE damage against minor enemies increased by 28% Increased the effects of damage range falloff on this weapon archetype. Archetype specific damage changes (impacts both PvE and PvP gameplay) Rapid-Fire Pulse Rifles now deal 14/23.8 base/precision damage (Previously 13/21.4) High Impact Pulse Rifles now deal 21/33.6 base/precision damage (Previously 20/32) Scout Rifles PvE damage increased between +36% and +18% depending on combatant rank Sidearms PvE damage increased to minor and major combatants by 16% Sniper Rifles PvE damage increased by +47% against minor enemies, +20% for others Exotic sniper rifle perk damage bonuses have been modified to compensate for this change and they will not receive the full benefits as a result Submachineguns PvE damage increased by 22.5% against minor/major combatants Aggressive Frame Removed the intrinsic effect of "Deals bonus damage at close range." This bonus was 10%, but was unintentionally always active The bonus damage has been moved to the base damage for 750 RPM Submachineguns, resulting in no damage change As a result, Tarrabah and The Huckleberry gain 10% damage in both PvE and PvP Exotics Sweet Business Increased magazine size from 100 to 150. Increased PvE damage by 15%. High Caliber rounds have been replaced with Armor Piercing rounds. Damage changed to 15/21.2 base/precision (Previously 13.21/21.14) This weapon no longer requires you to be firing when you pick up ammo to have it automatically reload. Graviton Lance PvE damage increased by 30% Sunshot Increased magazine size to 12 Vigilance Wing PvE damage increased by 25% Crimson Damage changed to 19/30.5 base/precision (Previously 13.76/24.75) Fixed an issue that was causing this weapon to deal higher flinch than intended Merciless Fixed the missing aim assist stat for this weapon Ace of Spades Memento Mori's damage bonus is now affected by range falloff Lumina Noble Rounds should apply their buff to allies more reliably now The Colony "Serve the Colony" now functions as Auto Loading Holster does Perks Subsistence Reduced the impact of this perk on total reserves Ricochet Rounds Removed the hidden bonus to damage falloff Swashbuckler Perk now activates when getting a kill with Ball Lightning Grave Robber Perk now activates when getting a kill with ranged melee abilities (ie: Ball Lightning, Explosive Knife) One-Two Punch Reduced the effectiveness of stacking One-Two Punch and Cross Counter (Liar's Handshake) Ex: Players won’t be able to defeat Riven in less than three seconds after Shadowkeep launches using the combo of One-Two Punch and Liar's Handshake, but we know many of you will try other builds… and potentially even succeed. We still have a few TWAB’s before the release of Shadowkeep, which will shore up our patch notes previews on a variety of topics, ranging from Black Armory Access to bug fixes. Stay tuned! RECKONING: ONE MORE THING… Destiny 2 Update recently brought some frequently requested Quality of Life changes to Reckoning and rewards. Next week, we’ll be making one additional change to the experience, further bridging the gap between you and your desired rewards. Starting on September 17, all negative modifiers will be removed from Reckoning. This activity will continue to feature a weekly singe, with a daily rotation of Brawler, Grenadier, and Heavyweight. Our goal in this change is to improve the replay-ability of Reckoning, so players will feel more inclined to hop in to matchmaking for some sweet loot. This should also help to address some feedback items from players that specific modifiers could feel too punishing (We’re looking at you, Blackout Darkblades). If you’re looking to get your hands on some weapons from Season of the Drifter that have eluded you, I reckon this is your time to shine.
  8. With all the news that's came out in the past few weeks about D2 and after the beta. What do you need from Destiny 2? With what they are saying bout the amount of story and then patrols that's a big thing for me. I want story. My big thing is I want the exotics to feel like exotic to me. Sort of like year one exotics were. Let's be honest after the Y1 stuff the other exotics didn't really feel,well, exotic. The iconic gums we all wanted or needed wasn't really there after Y1. They did a good job on the exotic armor but the weapons were lacking. I want it fun again mostly. I want more straight forward guest like they did in Takem King. That was a huge step forward. So what do you want?
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