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Found 186 results

  1. I asked a while back via a poll to try and work out best days to do raids but its difficult as we all can do so many different days and it really didn't matter what we ended up picking...so we din't do anything! So lets start using Thursdays for now as a start off point. Btw, this isn't saying we won't do raids on other days because this day won't suit all. However, to start getting back into the game and making sure we have a regular bunch of people around to learn raids more regularly in turn will mean we can confidently try and complete more raids on other days like over the weekend, etc. I'm thinking we try this via events on the Event Calendar and we try and focus on one type of raid each week. It'll give time to people to realise which one we're trying out and get in the mindset to do their best for that particular raid. If people can't make it or request other times, lets help them and put up an event so we can see if we can get 6 people around. There's been a number of new FGers join recently on Destiny and I know some old folk are starting to get back into it, so happily share what your thoughts are below on what stuff you'd like to try, whens best for you, etc. I genuinely believe if we knew it 'raid night' on a set day like Thursday we can be soon getting at 1-2 teams being able to jump in and help each other. If it doesn't work, then we can always keep trying other ways to get us playing the fun stuff together. Consistency for us all to get behind an idea is the key to us all having loads of fun and completing all the things we'd like to do so please consider getting behind events and whatever we put up. Let us know what you think below.
  2. An on-purpose leak or accidentally posted (I know which one i'm leaning to) on the official Bungie Instagram - here's the video showing Eris Morn on some frosty planet...which we've always anticpated it to be Europa! It states a June 9th update on what is happening - which coincides with the new Season next week. This is most likely though outlining where we are going for the Fall expansion and 2 links that this could be an exciting time for the current game were mentioned online and picking up momentum. 1) This has the potential to be one of the largest expansions we've ever had because this was most probably set for Destiny 3 when Activision were a part of Bungies roadmap. Now thats no longer a thing they have maintained that this game is being pushed forward as the game - likely to no longer have future sequels, etc (backed up also by going F2P as the base game) 2) Right at the end you'll see the Destiny logo - this is more of a weaker link but they could more on to the way returning back to calling this game just 'Destiny' and drop the 2 Get excited, don't get excited, whatever. But this game has given us an enormous amount of awesome moments because its like what @Nutcuttlit said last night its a Chocolate Variety box of your choosing so you can dip in and out whenever you want, so i'm going to remain hopeful that this is a sign of new fresh, exciting things to come and more things we are wanting, similar or better to what we got when Forsaken hit which was an amazing expansion and still worthy of a playthrough today. P.S. There's talk that we get 2 brand new planets added at some point this year, which sounds great on top of finally getting the Darkness about to hit the game for the first time in 5 years. With a week to go of the current season, I think the new info each week will start to ramp up and be worthy of a read and interest to some of us. Whats everyone's thoughts on the 'Leak'?
  3. DESTINY 2 UPDATE 0h - Destiny Dev Team INVESTMENT Inventory Updated the stack size limit from 999 to 9,999 for Planetary Materials, Gunsmith Materials, Vanguard Tokens, Crucible Tokens, and Iron Banner Tokens. Braytech Schematics Braytech Schematics are no longer limited to 1 per day, per account Braytech Schematics have a 25% drop chance when opening any Rasputin Data Cache The four Braytech weapons offered by Ana Bray, and also tied to the Wayfarer seal, now have a greater chance of granting a weapon you do not currently have. NOTE: The description of the item will be incorrect and still mention that it's limited to 1 per day, per account. This will be addressed in a future hotfix. Pinnacle Weapon Quests Wendigo GL3 Grenade Launcher kills are worth 100% more for each objective Death Penalty no longer exist for the final objective Grenade Launcher multikills grant 50% more progress Completing Playlist strikes grants a significant amount of progress towards the final objective Mountaintop Required number of multi-kills has been reduced from 200 to 75 Required number of medals has been reduced from 100 to 25 Points earned in Competitive has been further increased relative to other pvp modes roughly 1x for Quickplay, 2x for IB, 3x for comp ACTIVITIES Gambit Prime and Reckoning Enemies in Reckoning adjusted to have less health and do less damage to players Increased weapon drop rates in Reckoning and Gambit Prime Further increased bad luck protection to each activity, so players should receive a weapon reward after playing multiple matches without one dropping Tier 3 Reckoning will have even higher drop rates, as it is more challenging Eververse Refunds Fixed an issue that would cause wrapped items to no longer be refundable when transferred between characters Character Boosts The Forsaken character boost is no longer available for purchase Players will continue to receive one free character boost when accessing Forsaken for the first time
  4. Settle in. This was a big read. Split into 3 parts but as nothing has been posted here yet I'll stick all 3 parts into one. Nice insight into why we are where we are and where it's looking to go. Part 1 - Looking Back Director's Cut - Part I > News | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET Part 2 - RPG and Pursuit Stuff Director's Cut - Part II > News | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET Part 3 - Combat & PvP Director's Cut - Part III > News | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET
  5. Looking for a core group of people that want to run comp to get the Lunas Howl and Not Forgotten hand cannons. There are no set number of players needed, I'm just looking to see who all would be game so whenever certain people are on we can all work towards getting the guns. Forty6_N_Two, Lee, Capn_Underpants and myself (AceBoogie239) are game. Post below if interested and feel free to add me on PSN. Thanks and look forward to playing with the people I've played with in the past or the new ones that I have yet to meet in game yet.
  6. I've been thinking for a while now it would be ace just to get back into Destiny and get a group of us together to revive what we started. This is for anyone btw, I want people to feel like they can be part of a group that are just wanting to learn the current raids out there, see how far we get and it doesn't matter if we don't finish them. @reaper-2201 (Rob) nudged me a few weeks back to try and get a raid going as well but I think we've all needed that break from it. Surprisingly though, when other games are on I know after a while I could easily switch on Destiny and do something fun and I hope there's people out there that want to do this too. There's no pressure involved in this. Just want to get discussions going and see how many people want to run this kind of stuff still. I'm also up for reviving Destiny 1 but I think we should take baby steps as the xmas party up didn't go as well as we'd hoped. Remember, its about patience and working together no matter how long stuff takes us. The more we practice I try stuff it will be fun and we'll eventually get lots of the endgame content down to a fine art. Who's still playing and interested and who's not playing atm but willing to be involved in partying up?
  7. View this quiz Destiny - Quiz No. 1 Take a trip down Destiny memory lane. First one is a general all round quiz. Submitter GazzaGarratt Type Graded Mode Time 5 minutes Total Questions 10 Category Destiny Submitted 11/27/2018  
    • One Right Answer
    • 5 minutes
    • 10 Questions
    • 19 Players
    Take a trip down Destiny memory lane. First one is a general all round quiz.
  8. DESTINY 2 UPDATE 2.0.5 20h - Destiny Dev Team Sandbox Weapons Malfeasance Increased Explosive Shadow detonation damage Increased damage against Taken and invaders Wish-Ender Increased base Wish-Ender damage Fixed an issue where Wish-Ender’s Broadhead perk would not activate properly, which would result in a loss of damage Wish-Ender's Queen's Wrath perk effects are now more readable and consistent Trace Rifles Now spawn with 50 ammo in the Crucible Now benefit from the following armor perks: Auto Rifle Loader Unflinching Auto Rifle Aim Auto Rifle Targeting Precision Weapon Targeting Auto Rifle Dexterity Increased Sword damage in PvE Increased Fusion Rifle damage in PvE Proximity Grenades now have a stat penalty to blast radius Reduced the amount by which Full Choke narrows projectile spread Changed the Dynamo and Distribution perks Players will need to activate their class ability in proximity to at least one enemy to gain the benefit Increased the energy gain by 20% to compensate slightly for the new requirement Fixed an issue where Dynamo’s effect was not scaling based on the player’s class type; the Distribution perk had this, but it was unintentionally left out of Dynamo General Increased visibility through a Titan’s Banner Shield for allies The White Nail perk should no longer occasionally activate before the player achieves the required number of precision hits Fixed an issue where the SUROS Regime scope was opaque yellow Fixed an issue where Polaris Lance’s The Perfect Fifth perk was not triggering Combatants General Fixed an issue where Vex Cyclopes weren’t attacking players Fixed an issue where Hive Knights and Taken Vandals were not using special abilities Activities Crucible Breakthrough Decreased attacker respawn time from 7 seconds to 5 seconds after the Breaker is deployed Modified the game rules to prevent teams from forcing the round into a stalemate: In the initial fight over the Breaker, the team with the most capture progress (high-water mark) will win the Breaker if time runs out without any Breaker progress present. There will still be overtime if time runs out with progress present, and the Breaker will go to the team with current progress at the end of 30 seconds, or to the high-water mark if progress reaches zero with no players on the Breaker. While a team is hacking the other team’s Vault, progress decay accelerates gradually during Sudden Death for up to 30 seconds, after which the round will end the moment no attackers are present in the capture zone. If the round ends in a draw twice, the match ends in a tie. Neither team will get Glory points from this scenario. Win Streaks are maintained. Gambit Sleeper Simulant now gains less ammo from Heavy ammo crates on the wall in Gambit (now 2, down from 4) Swords now gain more ammo from Heavy ammo crates on the wall in Gambit (now 12, up from 6) Fixed an issue where sometimes one team’s invasion portal would not open Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong team would be credited for defeating the Ascendant Primeval Increased the spawn rate of the Ascendant Primeval Servitor The Gambit ship and Sparrow are no longer guaranteed drops Quitter protection Fixed an issue where matchmaking would sometimes result in players being kicked from Gambit matches, thus triggering quitter penalties Quitter penalties have been reenabled Players will now receive two warnings before they are suspended from Gambit Players will not be immediately suspended on the first match of the day if they quit a match the night before Increased suspension time to 30 minutes General Fixed an issue where players could play the strike “The Corrupted” with a six-player fireteam Items and Economy Exotic Duplicate Weighting When a player receives an Exotic, we now take into account all Exotics the player has found and weight them against Exotics they have yet to acquire. This lowers the player’s chances of receiving Exotics they already own. Exotics that the player does not yet own are individually weighted much higher than duplicate Exotics When receiving duplicate Exotics, the player is more likely to earn armor pieces as these have randomly rolled perks Removed quest Exotic weapons from the Exotic engram loot pool Worldline Zero Ace of Spades Wish-Ender One Thousand Voices Malfeasance Lord of Wolves The Chaperone Enhancement Cores Renamed Masterwork Cores to Enhancement Cores Enhancement Cores are now awarded by Scrapper bounties and six of the Spider's weekly bounties Enhancement Cores will be more visible in the loot feed General Banshee-44 now accepts up to 25 Gunsmith Materials at a time Removed hold time for the Spider’s material exchange interactions Increased the stack size of Ghost Fragments from 10 to 20 Reduced shader dismantle time from 1 second to 0.25 seconds Fixed an issue where the Secret Victories emblem was using the wrong tracker description It now correctly displays as “Ascendant chests looted” The requirements for the Queen’s Bounty “Purification Ritual” have been clarified and now list the target as “Abyssal Champions” instead of “Swordbearing Knights” Raid challenge bounties now rotate in a fixed, round-robin fashion Nightfall unique rewards will drop more consistently; the longer players go without a unique drop, the higher their chances of a unique reward on their next Nightfall completion The chance resets once a player receives any Nightfall unique reward PC General Text chat auto-fade can now be toggled on or off in the Gameplay settings menu; when turned off, text chat will never automatically fade out, even after a period of inactivity
  9. Hello i'm pretty new here, a friend of mine who goes by the username @VGon_Bgon48 told me about this and thought i give it a try, i am playing destiny 2 and i hope anyone who is part of the clan that i joined would get to know me and have fun, if your curious i am a Hunter Lvl 50. so yea just give me a shout OK!
  10. until
    It's time. 6v6 Crucible funsies. Lots of laughs and banter to be had. Going to try some different modes and different gun only selections including: Control Mayhem Instant Supers Snipers Only Shotguns Only Survival 20 Lives See you on the battlefield Guardian!
  11. Event Title: FG Crucible Private Matches Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 10/19/2018 08:00 PM to 10/19/2018 10:00 PM It's time. 6v6 Crucible funsies. Lots of laughs and banter to be had. Going to try some different modes and different gun only selections including: Control Mayhem Instant Supers Snipers Only Shotguns Only Survival 20 Lives See you on the battlefield Guardian! FG Crucible Private Matches N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  12. Hello, im playing destiny 2, i wanted join the clan cause 1 of my friends is currently in this clan, (nca-paendrag) Ps4 tag : effinator1231 Ask me if there is more information you need.
  13. 6 exotic armour pieces received changes with the update today. Some really good changes to Synthoceps and a few other key pieces. There should also be more to follow later in the year which will be a nice addition. Hunter Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves While you are critically wounded, swapping to a Sidearm increases its damage (2x in PvE, 1.33x in PvP). The Dragon’s Shadow Dodge reloads all weapons simultaneously. Dodging now also grants +5 mobility for the duration of Wraithmetal Mail, in addition to its previous benefits. Added a UI indicator for the Wraithmetal Mail buff. Titan Lion Rampant Hipfiring no longer interrupts Lift. Increased hipfire accuracy while airborne. Synthoceps Now grants a flat melee damage bonus for 8 seconds when you are surrounded by three or more enemies (3x in PvE, 2x in PvP). This buff also increases Super damage while active (+50%). Warlock Lunafaction Boots Now allows your Rift to continuously reload weapons while you or allies stand in it. Empowering Rift grants a boost to weapon range and aim assist. Sunbracers Solar melee kills now grant unlimited Solar grenade energy for a short duration.
  14. Worlds first yesterday was done in over 6 hours. With some top youtubers and streamers taking a considerable amount of time to complete it. All in all there's massive praise to this Lair, quite a few saying its the best raid since WotM which is saying something as its a Lair and not classed as a full raid. It is at the top of the Leviathan and it will complete that raid on the large ship with a full raid expected in September. From what I seen from the first part it was 4 pads you have to rise and only can do it with a ball that you can throw to teammates with eventually throwing it into the middle. You have to do that part 4 times. Didn't see or hear much of the mechanics after that. Its a 370 level raid. When there's info anyone has to help understand how to do it please share it here.
  15. Calling all Destiny FG Guardians! I fear that the light has been draining away as you struggle to make your path back through the forest and into the City we once called 'Home'. You should fear no longer. The Traveller begins to draw strength as Guardians locate Exotics that are being forged in Light and Superpowers and will be ready in time for May (approximately a week to be precise). New sources of treasures and secrets to find, the calcified fragments infused into 45 targets of Data that requires collecting from the dusty ice caps of Mars. The Hive begins to move on to one of our defences, we must delve deeper into the Warmind to expel all darkness and Gods that try to take over our Universe. Nokris has returned and we need to multiply our damage levels to run at Night to slay the Prince and take is unique strike treasure to pastures new. We must tune back into our loyal, albeit crazy Lord Shaxx to bond as one FG team and rise through the ranks to Legend level and watch the sweet precious loot drop and pick up a super powered Pulse Rifle. Once we have finetuned our marksman skills, The Leviathan is approaching fast and this is where we must finish the final encounter and climb the Spire to the Stars to ensure no more Worlds are Eaten and grab the most powerful and spectacular looking Armour, fitting of any Guardian. The time is now to listen to the voices in the trees. Follow your way home to the promise land. As a final guidance, if you take a right instead of left, through the portal where time turns back, you must ensure you reinstall Destiny 1 to stop Aetheon, Crota, Oryx and Aksis combine forces. Tldr - Reinstall Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. We need to party up and get the FG family back again, complete goals with each other, help others which we always wanted to do. Only good times ahead.
  16. Well, it needs some life and i'm glad we hear Josh Harnick talking some sense when he explains they have decided to push weapons more to the OP side of things. I'd rather have more guns to talk about in PvP and be able to say 'what the hell was that gun that shot me'. The Dawnblade at 2 minutes in looks exactly like you want it to look - fast, powerful and causing havoc (not to mention annoying for a Titan). Like it's been said by many people that follow D2 still and want it to be good, this will hopefully make the PvP side much more interesting, whilst they still need to focus heavily on sorting out the PvE side which I have my fingers and toes crossed for May's update. One thing I did see online is that they are still listening and considering Random Rolls and Weapom Slots as 'extremely high' up the discussion ladder at Bungie. I feel if they could one of those at some point Shotguns and Snipers would have a place again. I may pop on for some PvP later in the week to check out the speed differences.
  17. Let's face it, you could probably go for any gun in D1 as most guns in D2 are pretty lacklustre, but if you were asked to bring an exciting gun back, with all of it's perks, what would you choose? For me, it would be Vex Mythoclast. If we could bring back the chase for the gun too, I would as it was the gun everyone wanted at one stage. It looks magnificent and it wrecked in PvP for a serious amount of time. It also sounded amazing (pew, pew, pew). If it had to be a Legendary gun, it would've been Corrective Measure Machine Gun. I had an extended mag on mine which made it 100 rounds and it wrecked boss fights.
  18. Following in Blizzard's path, Destiny will get its first Webcomic starting next week. First one is about Osiris when he was part of the Vanguard and how and why he was exiled. For lore fans like myself but hopefully people that enjoy any type of background story, this is a good move. If they're anything like the Blizzard ones with Overwatch these will definitely be appreciated. They'll be available for free on Bungie.net
  19. Over Chrsitmas the community managers are trying to be as clear as they can to advise what is being recorded and being looked into. They have a list, which isn't in any order, that they are very aware of in terms of feedback and things that need addressing. The list is below: • Eververse • Mayhem • Vault Space • Endgame - Strikes, Raids, Item Collection • Crucible - Gametypes, Team sizes • Sandbox Balancing - Exotics weapons and armor • Three of Coins • Curse of Osiris: Weapons Forge Questing • Masterworks and Weapon/Armor Modifications Deej and Chris Barrett have confirmed next Thursday's blog (11th January) we will receive a developer update on next things coming. Top of the list will have to be Eververse because of feedback of late. I'd rather here about content first but each to their own. Really happy team size is on the list and hoping for anything related on that. Also, we should find out Crimson Days (Valentine Event) will be back as datamining found the logo on some exotic ornaments. What do other people want to hear specifically from that list or something that is missing?
  20. Event Title: Destiny 1 Renaissance Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 01/16/2018 08:00 PM to 01/16/2018 11:00 PM We said we'd do it, so here it is. Let's see if we can get 6 on for a raid or two or maybe even D1 Crucible like old times. I'll put room for 7, last one can be sub if someone falls out. Destiny 1 Renaissance N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  21. Event Title: Destiny 1 Renaissance Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 01/19/2018 08:00 PM to 01/19/2018 11:00 PM Sticking another get together for Friday. Let's see if we can get 6 on for a raid or two or maybe even D1 Crucible like old times. I'll put room for 7, last one can be sub if someone falls out. Destiny 1 Renaissance N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  22. until
    We said we'd do it, so here it is. Let's see if we can get 6 on for a raid or two or maybe even D1 Crucible like old times. I'll put room for 7, last one can be sub if someone falls out.
  23. until
    Sticking another get together for Friday. Let's see if we can get 6 on for a raid or two or maybe even D1 Crucible like old times. I'll put room for 7, last one can be sub if someone falls out.
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