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Found 89 results

  1. We've done awesome of late, getting many raids done and a few new people through on them too which is ace to see. I think we need to try and get an understanding from who needs what from a Moments of Triumph perspective as well as if there are raids that people would like to run because of a specific reason e.g. need the exotic weapons, triumphs, etc. So, I'm suggesting that we all tick the raids we'd like to do and some of us that help organise raid nights can then work out what we need to put up as events. This doesn't mean you won't do the ones you don't tick, more so it helps prioritise the raids which people need/want the most as some/most are easier when you 4-5 experienced people that have completed it before taking 1-2 new people in max. So lets see what you wanna do and maybe explain below if there's reasons you'd like to share!
  2. FOREVER GAMING "Let's go FG. Let's Cabal's Deep." We are a family of gamers, across the world from the UK and USA but also into Europe and further continents. We aim to have fun, share info, help each other, beat missions, quests, strikes, raids together.
  3. Into the unknown. Nothing is known about the next season - that starts tomorrow. They have kept everything under wraps. Live stream happens 1 hour before we go live (I believe) with new season. Also seen this as the infographic for buying silver Mind is open to whats in store for Season 11 - good call on Bungie for not releasing any info ahead whatsoever. Element of surprise needs to come back to Destiny. Put any info up you hear as and when you get it for Season 11. Would love to know what you think we'll get. I don't expect anything super huge for Season 11 as that should be the fall DLC, but you just never know - the season prior to DLCs are usually the best on past experience. What you reckon?
  4. Each season we should check to see what is decent to get your hands on to help us know what to look out for or/and grind for. You might want to add any connecting builds that work e.g. Guns that have become awesome to use because of mods from the Artefact, etc. Lets hear what you think we need to go for!
  5. As of next season (11) we will have a new max power strength that a gun can reach. This will essentially mean you won't be able to use the absolute meta guns forever. They don't run out straight away guns will have approx 9-12 months to be on top in the game but they've been very clear with the latest TWAB (see below) to help people understand when you have this many weapons now in the game, you can't keep just adding Power into the game. I think what doesn't help the game right now isthat many people's loadouts looks similar. They've either a) got the meta guns that work across mostly every activity or b) foud a gun that they like and just stick with it. Not many people are willingly to try out different weapons. I was one of those. I got too stuck to the same guns and over time i noticed I lose my thinking about the game on 'how should we do this?' or 'what's gonna at this phase of the mission?'. Just stick on the same guns and off we go. Theres over 500 weapons in the game so sunsetting has to happen otherwise if your brain isn't stimulated, the game gets boring. Weapons need to feel unique again but having so many weapons that feel the same you need to bring back variety - buy creating new weapons but also retiring some key ones that are wrecking every activity out there. Some people may miss their weapons - I know i'll miss a few too. But again, 2 major factors in this that make it okay. 1) we've used these weapons for over 3 years, a long time to use the same guns and we still get to use new weapons for at least a year at the 'top'. 2) This max power level will mean that old weapons will only be irrelevant to the endgame 20-25% of activities e.g. Highest power raid, Trials, etc. You can still use them in most activities. People are quick to jump on the bad about new decisions but honestly this one feels so right. Especially not long before a huge content change for Destiny 2 which will take it a far better level for everyone. This game has always been solid and people need some better incentives to feel rewarded to play. We are now getting this so can hopefully answer people's problems missing 'their' Destiny. Take a look below is the extract from yesterday's TWAB. Then maybe share what you think about this?: MAX POWER LEVEL Back in February, Luke spoke about upcoming plans for Legendary gear infusion. The Destiny Dev Team has more details on how this system is going to work. Whats your thoughts on it?
  6. It's finally happening. Not sure what to expect but they've took a leaf out of Fortnite's successful book of Live events so we'll see where it takes us. Not sure what to expect, whether it'll just be a cutscene or you can actually be live on the EDZ watching the Almight get gunned down. Either way, its pretty cool the world is becoming a live evolving one. Personally i'm heading to either the EDZ or the Tower - more info might get leaked on where's best over the next 12 hours.
  7. As discussed in Discord, lets see who's about. If we get more than 6 we should try to rotate out where possible. Lets get the first raids down again RSVP below on the event please by clicking 'Going'.
  8. Event Title: FG Destiny Raid - Leviathan & EoW Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 05/20/2020 08:00 PM As discussed in Discord, lets see who's about. If we get more than 6 we should try to rotate out where possible. Lets get the first raids down again RSVP below on the event please by clicking 'Going'. FG Destiny Raid - Leviathan & EoW N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  9. Released on April 21, 2020 COMBAT Fixed an issue in which Ward of Dawn was not generating Orbs of Light . Fixed an issue in which Ward of Dawn could not be activated while holding a Sword. Fixed an issue in which casting Nova Bomb would consume your melee ability (Attunement of Hunger). EMBLEMS AND TRACKERS The "Playin' the Odds" emblem earned through the Gambit intro quest is now always claimable from Collections. Players who have completed the Divinity mission, but did not correctly receive the Exotic Trace Rifle Divinity, will now have it unlocked and available to reacquire in their Collections. Players who have completed the Forsaken campaign will find The Lawless Frontier lore book entry "By Thy Tongue Be Damned" completed and available to claim. Emblem metrics added for emblem stat trackers that were present before 2.8.0, and display the same data as before.Trackers added: Season 8 Season Pass Rank Earned Season 9 Season Pass Rank Earned Fractaline Donated Kills as a Sentinel Titan Kills as a Striker Titan Kills as a Sunbreaker Titan Kills as a Arcstrider Hunter Kills as a Nightstalker Hunter Kills as a Gunslinger Hunter Kills as a Stormcaller Warlock Kills as a Dawnblade Warlock Kills as a Voidwalker Warlock Gold Medals Earned Longest Glory Win Streak Total Valor Resets Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless Completions Kills of Final Bosses in Hive Escalation Completed Nightmare Hunts on Master Difficulty Medal Tracker - 7th Column Medal Tracker - Annihilation Medal Tracker - We Ran out of Medals Medal Tracker - Ghost in the Night Medal Tracker - This Crown is Mine Medal Tracker - I Made This for You Medal Tracker - Undefeated Wins in Trials of the Nine Flawless Tickets in Trials of the Nine Kills in Crimson Doubles Defeated Opponents When Under Effects of Iron Burden Black Armory Forge Completions Kills of Haunted Forest Terrors Deepest Branch of Haunted Forest Cleared Recipes Baked Completed Branches of Verdant Forest Number of Revelric Light Triggers During the Revelry Completed Tier 3 Encounters During the Reckoning Completions of Menagerie Completions of Heroic Menagerie Candy Collected REWARDS ARMOR The Titan's Phoenix Cradle Exotic leg armor now correctly creates sunspots that have an extended duration and apply their benefits to allies when the Titan wearing the armor gets a weapon kill while standing in a sunspot. Fixed an issue where the Warlock's Felwinter's Helm Exotic would incorrectly trigger after swapping the item off and on again. Fixed an issue where some faction armors were not correctly allowing players to apply Faction Rally ornaments to them. Seasonal mod sockets have been added to all armors available from world drops. See this article for more details. Players who met the requirements, but were missing Prestige ornaments for the Eater of Worlds raid lair, will now have them unlocked and available for use. New players can still obtain Prestige ornaments from completing the Prestige (Heroic) Eater of Worlds raid lair along with the appropriate Leviathan boss challenges. Fixed an issue that could prevent Eater of Worlds Prestige ornaments from appearing in the ornament slot on appropriate raid gear. The Titan’s Aeon Safe Exotic gauntlets now lists the same melee trigger requirement on both its Tooltip and Details screens. The Mantle of Remembrance ornament for Hunters’ Exotic gauntlets Shinobu's Vow will now properly replace the item icon to reflect the change in appearance. The Diadem of Deceit Exotic ornament is now usable on the Year 1 version of the Warlock Exotic helm Crown of Tempests. The Nano Redux Exotic ornament is now usable on the Year 1 version of the Hunter Exotic chest armor Raiden Flux. The Huskcrushers Exotic ornament is now usable on the Year 1 version of the Titan Exotic leg armor Dunemarchers. The chest armor mod Large Arm Reserves now properly provides increased ammo reserves for Shotguns. ECONOMY Nightfall: The Ordeal Grandmaster difficulty now grants Season 10 Season Pass Exotic weapon catalyst quest progression. Crimson Day Sparrows now have the correct event watermark (was The Dawning). Duplicate individual emotes purchased separately from a bundle can now be opened. Universal ornaments being sold for Bright Dust in the Eververse store now properly display the text "Already Purchased on Account" when owned. Fixed an issue that caused the Warlock Season Pass universal chest ornament to erroneously cause an unreleased event’s universal ornament to also display as unlocked. Trials of Osiris Ghost Shell will now drop with Crucible-related perks. POWER AND PROGRESSION Four weekly Powerful gear sources upgraded to Pinnacle (+1): Crucible, Strike, and Gambit challenges, and the weekly clan engram. Fixed an issue where the Trials vendor engram was not previewing rewards at the correct power level. WEAPONS Fixed an issue with The Fourth Horseman where its Broadside perk would fail to replicate its effects over the network. Fixed an issue with Breech Loaded (Special ammo) Grenade Launchers that resulted in them having a significantly reduced blast radius. WORLD SYSTEMS Completing Warden of Nothing now counts for a Fallen boss kill for the weekly Strike bounty: Serve the Servitors. Fixed an issue causing Warden of Nothing to give double Champion Rewards. For the Wish-Ender Exotic quest, any players who were missing Uncharged Tokens after turning in their Awoken Talisman and then completing the "???" secret mission, will now find them in their Pursuits. If a player's Pursuits are full, they will find the Uncharged Tokens added once they've cleared some space and then returned to orbit or re-logged into Destiny 2. Dreaming City world chests are awarding Glimmer again. Fixed an issue where players could get blocked from obtaining the Essence from the Bad Juju mission The Other Side, preventing completion of the Bad Juju Exotic quest Spellbound. A player could get into a bad state if, before being on the quest themselves, they joined another player on the appropriate quest step, completed The Other Side mission, obtained the Essence, and then bound it to obtain Bad Juju. Players in this bad state, who have obtained Bad Juju and completed The Other Side mission, but have not completed the Spellbound Exotic quest, will now be able to Bind Essence at the altar to complete it. Fixed an issue causing a crash when players attempted to turn in their Awoken Talisman to the statue of Sjur Eido in the Shattered Throne dungeon. UI Made a change so that completed bounties now sort to the top of the bounty bucket, grouping them together. Friends listed in a player's roster should no longer show up as black nameplates with zero Power. GENERAL Fixed an issue where the Champion Servitor's invulnerability beams were not appearing during Seraph Tower events. Fixed a string identifying for the four Seraph weapons to include the word "Source:" so players know where to obtain the weapons. Fixed an issue where the Rasputin bounty, The Lost Classics was not counting Classic Mix matches. Added the activity rejoin functionality in the Trials playlist. Fixed an issue where fully upgrading a destination bunker sometimes doesn't unlock the Warmind Security Triumph. The “Seasonal Triumphs Complete” field now increments when Triumphs are completed. Added Vex barriers to the Grove of Ulan-Tan Legendary Lost Sector. Fixed an issue in the Seraph Towers public event where Ana’s dialog would still call out towers being overwhelmed when the towers are down and Champions are present in the final phase. Fixed an issue with the Heavy Frame spawning away from its platform in The Quarry and Scavenger's Den Legendary Lost Sectors on EDZ. Fixed an issue affecting the difficulty scaling of several activities including Whisper of the Worm and Zero Hour missions. View full update
  10. Free For Everyone - April 21st until May 12th Developer Insights Video: Play games and activities to earn medals, loot and points for your Guardian Class. Guardian Games will give you a class item to wear to be able to pick up points for your class Bounties and Medals available to complete Special Ghosts created for each class via quest line - obtain one Ghost per week Complete any 7 triumphs and obtain the new Exotic Machine Gun, Heir Apparent Class who wins will get a statue of their class next to Zavala for the entire year All available cosmetics except one can be bought by Bright Dust The class items will turn into gold, silver or bronze depending on where your Class comes Whilst there is more Hunters overall, the scores will be balanced accordingly to make it a fair chance Heir Apparent Machine Gun: Guardian Games Ghosts:
  11. As we're in Season 10, I thought it wouldve a good idea to know what people are finding that works well for them in different activities in the current season. Be it Raids, PvP, Strikes, Nightfalls, Menagerie, Gambit, etc. Just knowing what you'd flip to in different scenarios. I think this would help newer players too know what to look out for. You might want to touch on mods and what stat drops you've managed to get hold of.
  12. Let's get your thoughts. Here's something new - i'm enjoying Destiny again. Wait, Lee enjoying Destiny? Tell me something I don't know. OK. There's a reason this time around that playing feels less anxiety riddled and more comfortable than the last few seasons for me. Power grind essentially isn't needed to be the main focus anymore. Its a great feeling because when you logged on previously whilst its easy to use that as the go to thing to help you work out what to play or do, it would be the only thing to be focused on. Initially there seemed to be a lot of worry about the roadmap which I understand. Everyone wants more and more and more content for basically the cost of 2 pints of lager and then want it all straight away - but what i found in my first few hours is that it was nice it wasn't all over in a second. Equally the grind to do the first few quest steps wasn't too bad or hard plus it took me places i hadn't been in a while (Mars and Tangled Shore). Sundial is a lot of fun and way better than the Vex Offensive from last season. Yes, based on the menagerie, which was the ideal thing to do because that was their best season of content by a mile. What I like more is these Obelisk things that are basically like vendors but open up after upgrading them a bit. That kind of 'reveal' was nice. Not in your face and not too hard to unlock. Makes me want to play more. I can't wait to play some of the story of Saint-14 and finally have some time free to go back and do other stuff such as raids and triumphs. I now feel like I have time to play other games alongside this rather than feeling forced to play it every single night. I think if more tried this knowing they don't have to play it every night, they'd feel the same as me. Whats everyone else feeling about it?
  13. New Season reveal below... Fingers, toes and balls crossed for some interesting new info.
  14. What's a Xûr? Xûr, Agent of the Nine is a strange vendor who randomly appears in a Public Sector in each of the four Worlds, depending on planetary alignments and Bungie's whim. Xur sells Exotic equipment and only takes Legendary Shards in exchange for them. TL;DR: He's the Santa Claus of Destiny and every weekend is Christmas. Sometimes he brings you what you want, sometimes he brings you coal. Mostly it’s coal. When does Xûr visit? Xûr visits every Friday at 9:00AM UTC and departs at reset. If you would like to see all the live conversions of Time Zones, please follow this link here.
  15. Bungie tweeted this out yesterday. Expect this via Twitch and YouTube and also expect to see Luke Smith on the stream. 5pm GMT if you need to translate the timing.
  16. This debate has been rumbling along for quite a while now and it feels to me like it divides the Destiny players somewhat. So let's see what you think here and what's the happy medium going forward? My personal opinion is that I dont care that they bring them back providing enough new exotics are created along side them. I need to pull the facts from somewhere but I'm pretty sure we have around 60 new exotics (includes armour) whereas we have around 16-18 Destiny 1 exotics. We've always wanted a world where the game evolves and feels like it's one big game. Especially as most peoples complaints from D1 was that they couldn't take their stuff with them to D2. It's kinda weird to me they just forget that's how they felt and those people are the same ones to slate another Exotic comes back that's 'boring' cos we've seen it before. I think it also boils down to how they play. Imo it's worth looking at new exotics and making them relevant and trying not to make a D1 exotic way more powerful than new ones as perception makes the newer ones feel even worse. What do you reckon? Happy to see more? Dont want to see anymore? What should they do?
  17. Taken from Bungie Day blog MOMENTS OF TRIUMPH Starting July 9, 2019, Moments of Triumph for Year 2 of Destiny 2 will become available. Players will be challenged to complete triumphs that span content throughout the solar system, from the Dreaming City to the EDZ. This year will be fairly straight forward: Complete in-game triumphs, unlock rewards. Rewards Complete one Moment of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Emblem Complete 5 Moments of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Sparrow Complete 10 Moments of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Ship Complete 15 Moments of Triumph, the Moments of Triumph T-Shirt offer becomes available Complete ALL Moments of Triumph, unlock the Moments of Triumph 2019 Seal and Title This year, the 2019 Moments of Triumph T-shirt will be available through Bungie Rewards. Players will can earn their offer code by unlocking triumphs starting on Tuesday. Players who are signed up to receive Bungie emails will receive a notification to purchase on Fridays, or they can directly receive their codes via Bungie.net/rewards. The last day to purchase the customized T-Shirt is September 30, 2019. So, what’s available day one? We’ll have Triumphs for players to complete throughout various activities and releases. Players who own Destiny 2 will have the ability to earn all in-game rewards. In order to earn the 2019 Moments of Triumph T-shirt offer, players will need to own Destiny 2: Forsaken. To complete all 2019 Triumphs and unlock their title, players will need to own the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. Triumphs Legendary Valor Crucible Pinnacle Arms Vanguard Pinnacle Arms Nothing Left to Say The Vault Mythic Gambit Pinnacle Arms Inheritance O Murderer Mine Valiant Savior Going the Distance Prime Fashion Bedazzled Solstice of Heroes Triumphs Strike Spelunker Exotic Arsenal Gun for Hire Challenger Fashion Hero Above and Beyond Master Smith Solstice of heroes will also bring some new loot for players to earn this summer. Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll have a blog article on July 24 to show off the upcoming event! Moments of Triumph will be available from July 7 through August 27, 2019.
  18. Another Hand Cannon Exotic *HEALS ALLIES* Oh my. Quest is available from tomorrow - 2nd July Only clue give so far is we need to check out the EDZ to start it off. Hype muchly.
  19. The Menagerie is a 6 player, matchmade activity with multiple rooms of "challenges" to fill up your meter to eventually face a final super boss with mechanics and carnage at each stage. Staged around the Leviathan belly and other areas that you may have seen on the Leviathan Raids, you travel to each section against different mechanics and different types of bosses. A new end boss will be introduced each week for the next 3 weeks and then a heroic version will become available which wont have matchmaking active due to the high power and co-ordination potentially required at that level.
  20. Event Title: FG Raid-A-Long Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 05/05/2019 08:00 PM to 05/05/2019 10:00 PM We've talked for a while for some raids so here we are This is a chilled raid to start getting back into them again and help others complete raids (even myself) that haven't completed some before. To be clear, if its not completed in the time it doesn't matter. We aren't looking to put people under pressure here, we want to people to feel like they can learn a raid and help each other, providing they are willing to learn of course. Let's see who is around. I'll put some more times up for next week as well if you can't make this one. FG Raid-A-Long N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  21. GazzaGarratt

    FG Raid-A-Long

    We've talked for a while for some raids so here we are This is a chilled raid to start getting back into them again and help others complete raids (even myself) that haven't completed some before. To be clear, if its not completed in the time it doesn't matter. We aren't looking to put people under pressure here, we want to people to feel like they can learn a raid and help each other, providing they are willing to learn of course. Let's see who is around. I'll put some more times up for next week as well if you can't make this one.
  22. View this quiz Destiny - Quiz No.2 - Classes and Abilities 10 questions to test you on your Destiny 2 classes and abilities knowledge! Hope you enjoy it FG :) Submitter GazzaGarratt Type Graded Mode Time 5 minutes Total Questions 10 Category Destiny Submitted 01/11/2019  
  23. THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 2/21/2019 8h - dmg04 This week at Bungie, the Drifter is preparing for a turn to lead the next season. We’re nearing the end of Season of the Forge. Guardians have plundered the Black Armory of its secrets and weapons. Shaxx hosted Crimson Days and Lord Saladin is watching over the final Iron Banner of the season. Before the Drifter takes center stage, we’ll be hosting a Raid-Along livestream featuring Scourge of the Past. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to build a raid from the ground up, this is your chance to peek behind the curtains here at Bungie.   Members of the Raid Test team will be fighting the good fight, as designers, artists, producers and more lend commentary on taking an idea and creating the greatest challenge our game has to offer. Alright, Alright, Alright… To get Gambit primed for the Season of the Drifter, we have been working on some Quality of Life improvements We’re changing the way this little game is played, based on our own experience as players and a lot of feedback that we’ve collected since Forsaken launched. Today, Senior Designer Robbie Stevens is speaking on behalf of the team to take us through the changes you can expect on March 5. Changed the third round of Gambit to a Primeval rush sudden death. This will speed up Gambit matches overall and add a change of pace to the final round. Overhauled how we choose the invader spawn location and increased the number of invader spawn points for each map. This should greatly reduce the chances of spawning very near or in direct line of sight of an enemy Guardian. Implemented Idle Protection which means that players that remain dormant for too long will not receive end-of-match rewards or Infamy points. The Triumph “Light vs. Light” can now be progressed by killing any Guardian using a Super, not just invaders. This makes attaining the Dredgen title a less daunting task. Adjustments to Blocker types by deposit tier: Small Blocker = Taken Goblin with less health than the previous Phalanx. Medium Blocker = Taken Captain with more health than the previous Knight. Large Blocker = Taken Knight with more health than the previous Ogre. These changes arrive with the Season of the Drifter. To get you ready for the change in seasons, we’re enabling Triple Infamy for the final week of Season of the Forge. Triple Infamy Start: 2/26/2019, 9 AM PST End: 3/5/2019 Are you looking to become a Dredgen and impress the Drifter? Or maybe acquire a few weapons to round out your collection? Wins, losses, and bounties will all reward you with increased Infamy throughout the week. Back to the Sandbox Alongside the Gambit quality-of-life changes, our Sandbox Team will be fine-tuning some weapon archetypes to refresh the gameplay experience in Destiny 2. The following is a quick preview of some changes coming with Destiny Update 2.2.0, with developer commentary from Sandbox Designer Victor Anderson: Linear Fusion Rifle aim-assist values will receive an adjustment to reduce effectiveness at very long ranges. While Queenbreaker has high aim-assist values by default, we discovered an issue where it was not honoring aim-assist values that applied to other Linear Fusion Rifles of the same archetype. This resulted in Queenbreaker having over double the intended aim assist. Linear Fusion Rifles will receive a 10% damage increase in PvE to compensate for the above changes. Shotguns will receive a damage multiplier in PvE activities, effectively doubling their damage. The Legend of Acrius is an exception to this. Full Auto rate-of-fire bonus for Shotguns is now +10%, down from +100%. In addition, it no longer increases the Shotgun pellet spread. Default rate-of-fire values for have also shifted: Aggressives are 55 RPM, up from 45 RPM Precisions are 70 RPM, up from 55 RPM Lightweights are 80 RPM (they were erroneously stated to be 90 RPM previously) Rapid-Fire 140 RPM, down from 200 RPM (they were previously natively 100 RPM, but due to the intrinsic full auto, actually had 200 RPM) Also reduced base damage for Shotguns across the board to align with their new rates of fire on a per sub-archetype basis. Ammo reserves for Shotguns were re-evaluated due to the increased efficiency of having more damage per shot. The duration of the Mark of Vengeance has been reduced from 15 seconds to 8 seconds The way players refill health after a successful kill has changed. Before, it restored all of your health and the overshield refilled over time. Now, the health refills over time alongside the overshield. This should give a leg up when encountering situations where multiple people are fighting one person with the One-Eyed Mask equipped. Vengeance will no longer trigger for players in Super. This was making Supers far too potent. A new season means a new reality in combat. Keep up the chatter, and we’ll keep curating the Sandbox so that Destiny adapts to the way you play! They’ll Be Your Guide Navigating the various destinations of Destiny can sometimes be difficult, whether a snag occurs when following a quest line or an enemy fails to appear in the world. The Player Support Team is here to shine a light on the right path forward so you can get you to the loot you’ve been hunting. This is their report. “Mint Condition” Triumph: The “Mint Condition” Triumph is not unlocking. “Forged in Fire” Triumph: The “Forged in Fire” Triumph is not unlocking. “Master Smith” Triumph: The “Master Smith” Triumph is not updating for Rare research frame completions. “Calculated Trajectory” Triumph: The “Calculated Trajectory” Triumph and medal do not trigger in Iron Banner. “The Eternal Return” Emblem:The emblem “The Eternal Return” is not updating each time players conquer Dûl Incaru in the Dreaming City. “Senior Recruiter” Emblem: The emblem “Senior Recruiter” is not updating for Refer-a-Friend referral completions. “Black Armory Devotee” Bounty: The “Black Armory Devotee” bounty does not progress when using non-frame Black Armory weapons. Prime Engrams do not count toward this quest step. Vendor rank-up rewards and Cryparch-purchased engrams do not count toward this quest step. Fated Engrams and direct-purchase Exotics from Xûr do not count toward this quest step. Engrams left in activities that recover to postmaster do not count toward this quest step. Year 1-style Legendary and Exotic engrams that slot into players’ inventories and require manual decryption do not count toward this step. These are very rare, but are still available from some sources. With just 12 days between you and Season of the Drifter, the team is hard at work dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on Destiny 2 Update 2.2.0. Before we go, I wanted to share a quick preview of something that the Hunters among you have been asking for. If you ever found yourself thinking, “It would be awesome if I could see my entire cloak when previewing shaders,” we have some good news for you. Update 2.2.0 will make a slight change to your view when inspecting cloaks in the character screen. We’ll have more patch note previews leading up to Season of the Drifter. Until then, have a great weekend, and we’ll see you in the wild.
    • One Right Answer
    • 5 minutes
    • 10 Questions
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    10 questions to test you on your Destiny 2 classes and abilities knowledge! Hope you enjoy it FG :)
  24. Here's the info from Bungie.net about the event that starts at today's reset. The Dawning begins on Tuesday, December 11. The Dawning ends on Tuesday, January 1. "Come in, come in! Even you Guardians can catch a chill. Things have certainly changed since I last called this place home. But the Dawning is always here for us: just as we should always be here for each other." —Eva Levante When the Dawning last came to the City, a new Golden Age had just begun. Humanity had faced their greatest threat and emerged victorious, if not unscathed. Our Light had returned, brighter than ever. We were dazzled by the infinite possibilities in the world, and every day brought something new. The return of something familiar can be like a welcome visit from an old friend. This year's Dawning is no exception. Our dear Eva Levante—who was instrumental in bringing the traditions of the Dawning to the Tower—returns with it. Eva's fond memories of the heroes who share her home—and the friends she's made in her many years there—spurred her to write down some of her favorite recipes, and recall stories of Dawnings past. This year, she'll share them with some of her favorite Guardians, and help bring the spirit of togetherness back to the Tower. Baking the Goods Eva has returned to the Tower and brought her baking supplies with her. All players of Destiny 2 are invited to join the celebration. She will provide the oven and some ingredients to get you started, but you will need to go out into world to gather more ingredients by defeating enemies and completing various activities in Destiny 2. Once you have your ingredients, you can start combining them to create some tasty treats like Gjallardoodles or Chocolate Ship Cookies. We’ll give you a few recipes to get you started, but it’s up to you to try different combinations and discover which ones turn into the most delicious cookies. Be careful: mismatched ingredients result in burnt edges. You might be asking: “What do I do with all these cookies?” Friends you’ve made throughout the solar system are eager to receive your baked good as gifts. They will show their thanks by rewarding you in their own ways. There will also be bounties to complete along with your cookbook. Here’s a preview of the rewards you’ll have a chance to earn: Enhancement Cores Mods Legendary Gear Avalanche Heavy Machinegun, featuring random rolls That’s not all you will earn while you celebrate the Dawning. As you gather ingredients and bake items, you will also progress towards unlocking a festive new Sparrow. Your new ride will come equipped with some very special perks. Glimmer Boost While boosting, the Sparrow spawns a glimmer present every few seconds, until boost runs out. Glimmer presents burst open after a moment so that players can acquire the glimmer. Only active during the dawning. Glimmer Trick When the player lands a trick with the Sparrow, 3 to 5 glimmer presents are spawned. Only active during the Dawning. Instant Summon Reduces Sparrow summon time significantly. Dedicated bakers will also have triumphs to pursue. Those who unlock all the Triumphs during the Dawning will be flying in style. Double Drops A new event means new wares from Eververse. During the Dawning, we’re continuing the tradition of double Engram drops. All players who are at max level (depending on what content they own) will receive both a Bright Engram and a Dawning Engram on every level-up. There will also be a “knock-out” list on the Dawning Engram, preventing you from receiving duplicate items until you’ve earned all of the new items.
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