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Found 7 results

  1. Bungie tweeted this out yesterday. Expect this via Twitch and YouTube and also expect to see Luke Smith on the stream. 5pm GMT if you need to translate the timing.
  2. I'll start with @IPSWICH HIGASHIadvising last night about Infusion - any gun can go into anything now. Solid move considering the infusion costs. Also found the below on Twitter which will make some people happy - better token than the Heavy Ammo Synths if you ask me
  3. GazzaGarratt

    Destiny 2 Raid

    Leviathan or Eater of Worlds raid run. Can decide what we do on the day unless anyone has a preference? RSVP if you can or can't make it.
  4. Event Title: Destiny 2 Raid Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 02/13/2018 07:30 PM to 02/13/2018 09:30 PM Leviathan or Eater of Worlds raid run. Can decide what we do on the day unless anyone has a preference? RSVP if you can or can't make it. Destiny 2 Raid N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  5. Crimson Days begins in Destiny 2 on Tuesday, February 13. At the heart of the weeklong event is a 2v2 Crucible playlist intended to get your blood pumping as you and a friend test your bonds to the breaking point. This celebration of teamwork will last one week! The combat scenario is 2v2 Clash with a round-based twist. We will also be debuting The Burnout, a new take on The Burning Shrine set in a future timeline where the Vex have succeeded in altering our reality. The sun is darkened and the only Light to be found comes from you and your partner fighting as one. Stay in close proximity to your partner and your abilities recharge at a faster rate. Stray too far, and your enemies will be given a waypoint leading to your location. If you can’t find a partner, don’t worry. We’ll play matchmaker and find one for you. The Rewards The best way to earn rewards during Crimson Days is to compete in the Crimson Days Crucible playlist, and we’ve tuned the experience to focus on rewarding single-character play. Most rewards are found within a new Crimson Engram, with all contents on a “knock-out” list, preventing you from receiving duplicate items until you’ve earned all of the new gear. No matter which activity you play in Destiny 2 during Crimson Days, every player will receive both an Illuminated Engram and a Crimson Engram when they level up. Crimson Engrams are only earnable through gameplay, and are not capped or limited during the event. To qualify, you need only to reach the level cap for your Guardian (that’s 25 if you’ve acquired Expansion 1; 20 if you haven’t). There are also five new rewards found exclusively for players who complete the following: Complete the milestone “Welcome to Crimson Days” by finishing five Crimson Days matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower to earn the Fire of the Crimson Days Emblem and the Tirastrella Ghost Shell. Complete matches in the Crimson Days Crucible playlist for a chance to earn the Undeterred Exotic Sparrow. Complete either the Leviathan Raid or the Raid Lair: Eater of Worlds to claim the Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament for Wardcliff Coil from the final chest. Complete the Nightfall Strike during the Crimson Days event to earn the Flaunting Dance Emote. Tirastrella Ghost Shell Undeterred Exotic Sparrow Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament Flaunting Dance Emote Crimson Engrams will only be earnable through gameplay, but if you’re looking to directly purchase a specific item, Tess will also offer a selection of the Crimson Engram contents in exchange for the Bright Dust you are holding. Gear purchased with Bright Dust will also count towards the “knock-out” list mechanic described above, preventing duplicate items unless you have already earned all the rewards. Every reward item obtained from a Crimson Engram can also be dismantled for Bright Dust, including event-specific shaders. Crimson Days will begin next Tuesday, February 13, and conclude on the weekly reset at 9 AM PST on Tuesday, February 20. If you’ve yet to find a dance partner, now is the time. We’ll see you in the arena.
  6. Over Chrsitmas the community managers are trying to be as clear as they can to advise what is being recorded and being looked into. They have a list, which isn't in any order, that they are very aware of in terms of feedback and things that need addressing. The list is below: • Eververse • Mayhem • Vault Space • Endgame - Strikes, Raids, Item Collection • Crucible - Gametypes, Team sizes • Sandbox Balancing - Exotics weapons and armor • Three of Coins • Curse of Osiris: Weapons Forge Questing • Masterworks and Weapon/Armor Modifications Deej and Chris Barrett have confirmed next Thursday's blog (11th January) we will receive a developer update on next things coming. Top of the list will have to be Eververse because of feedback of late. I'd rather here about content first but each to their own. Really happy team size is on the list and hoping for anything related on that. Also, we should find out Crimson Days (Valentine Event) will be back as datamining found the logo on some exotic ornaments. What do other people want to hear specifically from that list or something that is missing?
  7. I've been looking at a few videos that show the new class abilities and it does look like the go to class is the Warlock. Its like the Defender Titan has been switched to Warlocks with their 'rift' ability. Whilst I get they won't be having any self-res anymore, these rifts make them pretty invaluable if you ask me. We're always going to need extra damage for high end bosses so I might start with a Warlock next time. Striker Titan looks more situational based rather than essential. Hunter's class perk made up of dodging looks set to be annoying as hell in PvP because of the automatic reload that comes with it.
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